Helen Jones-Kelly And Her Cohorts Should Be Fired!


Helen Jones-Kelly, the director of Ohio’s Department of Jobs and Family, and anyone connected with the snoopergate scandal surrounding Joe the Plumber in Ohio, should be looking for new employment…. like yesterday. This Obama fan who has contributed the maximum to his campaign is one of the people behind what should be a clearly illegal background search of Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber of Obama’s “spread the wealth around” fame. Here is a guy minding his own business playing with his son in his front yard when the Obama circus came rolling down the street.

As Obama was shaking hands and fibbing to all of Joe’s neighbors they had an infamous (for Obama) exchange in the middle of the street. Many have seen and heard a tiny snippet of the exchange however this video puts it in much better perspective.

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Now it seems to me that the interaction between Joe and Obama was pleasant enough. I didn’t pick up any animosity on Joe’s part towards Obama nor were there any nasty comments coming out of the surrounding peanut gallery. This should have been taken for what it was, a citizen of this country asking a presidential candidate how his positions would affect his financial future. Obama gave the man his views on the situation and it seemed to be well received by Mr. Wurzelbacher.

Everything was just peachy until the nation got a chance to hear Obama’s response about spreading the wealth around. Most hard working productive Americans think they pay more in taxes than they should as it is. It is especially aggravating paying these taxes and having incompetent idiots in Washington pissing it away ala 800 billion dollar bailouts when a financial disaster occurs (or is manufactured to help a particular candidate 😉 ) which was caused in large part by these very same incompetent idiots. Many if not most hard working and productive Americans are also a little iffy about having more of their income confiscated so it can be “spread around” to others designated by government bumpkins as worthy of receiving it. Contrary to what Obama thinks that does not make these people “selfish.”

Once the populace got wind of the taxing game plan brought forth by Obama’s unscripted revelations to Joe the Plumber there was a sudden and visceral backlash and this was seized upon by the McCain campaign. Obama and his handlers immediately knew they blew it. The question is did his campaign have anything to do with the sudden and in depth personal records checks that took place immediately after the little chit chat in the middle of Joe’s street?

Let’s see there were three Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles computer checks of his driver license and SUV which is is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business and was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department. In the case of the attorney general’s office it was apparently a “test account” assigned to the information technology section that someone used to do their snooping. How convenient. Someone was also digging around in the child support agency files no doubt hoping to find some dirt to toss on Joe.

Helen Jones-Kelly admitted her office also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes. She claimed the computer checks were done after media reports that Wurzelbacher brought up to Obama he was thinking of purchasing a plumbing business that may generate at least $250,000 in annual income.

“Given our understanding that Mr. Wurzelbacher had publicly indicated that he had the means to purchase a substantial business enterprise, ODJFS, consistent with past departmental practice, checked confidential databases.

Not surprisingly, when a person behind in child support payments or receiving public assistance is receiving significant media attention which suggests that the person appears to have available financial resources, the Department risks justifiable criticism if it fails to take note and respond.”

The results of the searches were not publicly released and remain confidential and Jones-Kelley claims the checks were “well-meaning,” but misinterpreted amid the heated final weeks of a presidential election. Of course Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s office said the information was not improperly shared and that there were no political motives behind the checks.

Not only is this insane but I bet a large beer it is also bullshit. I would love to see any records that were pulled and can be verified as occurring prior to the conversation between Joe and Obama that prove this has happened before. The unrestrained searching of confidential records that are clearly not available to the public by department employees for reasons other than official business in any government agency should not be tolerated in our society.

Isaac Baker, Obama’s Ohio spokesman, said that if these records were accessed inappropriately, it had nothing to do with the campaign and should be investigated fully. Nothing to do with the Obama campaign huh? Yeah, it’s not like the Obama campaign to try and shut anyone down that doesn’t see things their way now is it?

11-01-08 UPDATE: According to the Columbus Dispatch.com website, I was right!

Vanessa Niekamp said that when she was asked to run a child-support check on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher on Oct. 16, she thought it routine. A supervisor told her the man had contacted the state agency about his case.

Niekamp didn’t know she just had checked on “Joe the Plumber,” who was elevated the night before to presidential politics prominence as Republican John McCain’s example in a debate of an average American.

The reason Niekamp said she was given for checking if there was a child-support case on Wurzelbacher does not match the reason given by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Director Helen Jones-Kelley said her agency checks people who are “thrust into the public spotlight,” amid suggestions they may have come into money, to see if they owe support or are receiving undeserved public assistance.

Niekamp told The Dispatch she is unfamiliar with the practice of checking on the newly famous. “I’ve never done that before, I don’t know of anybody in my office who does that and I don’t remember anyone ever doing that,” she said today.

About 3 p.m. on Oct. 16, Niekamp said Carrie Brown, assistant deputy director for child support, asked her to run Wurzelbacher through the computer. Citing privacy laws, Niekamp would not say what, if anything, was found on “Joe.”

On Oct. 23, Niekamp said Doug Thompson, deputy director for child support, told her she had checked on “Joe the Plumber.” Thompson “literally demanded” that she write an e-mail to the agency’s chief privacy officer stating she checked the case for child-support purposes, she said.

The e-mail that Niekamp said she wrote was not among records provided today to The Dispatch in response to a public-records request. Nor did the agency, as required by state law, say it withheld any records.

Had a Republican state administration pulled this crap all hell would have broken loose with Democrats and their complicit media hounds calling for the entire bunch to be thrown out of office and or into the klink. This kind of corruption needs to be addressed and the Republican officials in Ohio had better get on the ball and see to it that some heads roll! I’m sick and tired of watching Republicans toss their own under the bus while letting this kind of garbage fly. Get to it you Ohio Republicans!

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