KYW-TV CBS 3 What's Up With Joe Biden And These TV Interviews?


What’s the deal here lately with Joe Biden and these TV news programs? First Barbara West in Orlando Florida hammers the old guy and now SEE B S in Philadelphia is giving him an on air crap sandwich? Damn, if this one is true (which cannot be verified outside of this video at the moment) then why the hell weren’t these clowns doing this hardball stuff for the whole damn election cycle with Barky and grandpa Joe?

Something weird about this one though as it seems that virtually all mention of this little skit has been scrubbed from the station website and the interweb. Funny how much of that has been happening in this election cycle. Well I guess we just sit back and wait for whatever fall out there may be from the recent festivities between the Obama camp whiners and TV news programs in the next several days.

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