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Democrats Thought It Was Patriotic To Protest And Equate Bush With Hitler

But these days all we hear about is how violent, scary and threatening the Tea Party folks are. Three liberal groups will drop off a petition at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters Thursday, urging conservative leaders to “take responsibility” for threats and incidents of vandalism against Democrats. The event is being organized by the Brave […]

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U.S. Customs Agent Notices "Obama In The Middle"

A guy traveling through Mexico on vacation lost his wallet and all of his identification. Cutting his trip short, he attempted to make his way home but was stopped by the U..S. Customs Agent at the border. “May I see your identification, please?” asked the agent. “I’m sorry, but I lost my wallet,” replied the […]

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If You Didn't Like Bill Clinton Or Either Of The George Bush Fellas Before, You Are Probably Gonna Like Them Even Less Now

Alex Jones’ “911 The Road To Tyranny”…

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How International Bankers And Shysters Like George Soros Gained Control Of Our Lives In America

Many may remember during the recent presidential campaign that John McCain was actually ahead of Barack Obama in the polls when suddenly and almost over night “the economy” went to hell in a handbasket. I found it rather odd and in fact suspicious that the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch etc., primarily due to the subprime mortgage meltdown, happened to occur at precisely the perfect time to help Obama surge past McCain and into the Oval Office. History has shown that when the country is in a financial bind during elections the citizens boot the incumbent party out in favor of the opposition. That axiom sure worked out well for Obama now didn’t it?

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Obama Orders Missile Strikes In Pakistan Killing 22 People, Reportedly Women And Children Among Them

In an effort to appease all of the anti-war protesters that helped vote him into office (sarcasm intended) Mr. Obama ordered Predator missile strikes into tribal regions of Pakistan along the Afghanistan border last Friday killing “at least 22 people” many reported to be women and children. In addition it was reported that a separate raid by American military personnel in Afghanistan “killed 16 civilians” prompting condemnation from Afghan president, Hamid Karzai.

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Police Make Dope Bust In Upstate New York, Heroin Packets Stamped "OBAMA"

In what could only be described as an Obamanation some dope dealers in upstate New York thought it would be a terrific idea to name the heroin products they offered for sale in little envelopes ‘Obama’…

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He's Back, With Another Shot Of Reality

Over 95% of the black population voted for Obama this last election hoping to finally, after 50 years of supporting Democrats, see some kind of return on their investment…

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Mexico Is Hopping Mad Over Border Patrol Agent Prison Sentence Commutation. Threatens To Recall All Its Illegals In U.S. In Protest

OK I’m kidding about the recall but I’m damn near speechless, which if you spoke to anyone that knows me is an truly an amazing thing, concerning the audacity of dope coming from the Mexican government over this issue. That country, no that anarchical pandemonium called Mexico, has the freakin’ stones to chastise the decision by George Bush to commute the sentences of former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for their involvement in the supposed shooting of an illegal alien drug smuggler…

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Leftist Celebrities Pledge Servitude To Their Master, Barack Obama

So a bunch of lefty “celebs” decide now that their guy is president they can break out of the shackles that have held them back for so long and they can finally become decent American…no world!…citizens, something they were obviously unable to accomplish while George Bush was occupying the White House.

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George Bush Finally Commutes The Sentences Of Former Border Patrol Agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean

A day late and a rapidly weakening dollar short but it was great to hear that soon to be former president George Bush has finally commuted the sentences of the two former Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Ramos and Compean, convicted in 2006, were sentenced to 11 and 12 years imprisonment, respectively, for attempting to “cover up” the shooting of illegal immigrant and now convicted drug dealer Osvaldo Aldrete Davila in the ass while he was fleeing from a vehicle loaded with nearly a half ton of marijuana…

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