Mexico Is Hopping Mad Over Border Patrol Agent Prison Sentence Commutation. Threatens To Recall All Its Illegals In U.S. In Protest


OK I’m kidding about the recall but I’m damn near speechless, which if you spoke to anyone that knows me is a truly amazing thing, concerning the audacity of dope coming from the Mexican government over this issue.

That country, no that anarchical pandemonium called Mexico, has the freakin’ stones to chastise the decision by George Bush to commute the sentences of former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for their involvement in the supposed shooting of an illegal alien drug smuggler.

Apparently the “government” of Mexico, which has minimal if any control within it’s own borders, has been heavily involved in this situation from the beginning and for some reason the Bush administration bent over frontwards and gave them what they wanted. I’m fully aware Mexico is the number two exporter of oil to this country but should that be justification for two law enforcement officers spending several months in prison for this entirely bogus “criminal act?”

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The countless number of U.S. citizens that are raped, robbed, killed and murdered by illegal intruders from Mexico into our country, not to mention the financial burden inflicted upon us, and we roll over and capitulate like a three pound toy poodle to that corrupt government over something like this?

Meanwhile in other news…..Obama can’t sign presidential executive orders fast enough to shut down every facet of worldwide intelligence gathering designed to keep people in this country safe.

Ain’t life grand?

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