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Democrats Thought It Was Patriotic To Protest And Equate Bush With Hitler

But these days all we hear about is how violent, scary and threatening the Tea Party folks are. Three liberal groups will drop off a petition at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters Thursday, urging conservative leaders to “take responsibility” for threats and incidents of vandalism against Democrats. The event is being organized by the Brave […]

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Hitler, Obama, Healthcare And Right Wingers

One of the most infamous left wingers in the history of mankind…that rascally old coot Adolph Hitler is doing everything he can, with the help of his Hitler Youth, ACORN, MoveOn.org and a mess of other George Soros funded liberal groups, to track down and report to the Obama regime the spreaders of malicious lies […]

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Obama Orders 17,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan. Why Didn't He Tell The World In Front Of TV Cameras?

Barack Obama has very quietly ordered an additional 17,000 troops to the country of Afghanistan shortly after flying all over the country loudly promoting his nearly one trillion dollar government spending spree in front of thousands of people and dozens of well placed TV cameras. So where are all of the marching in the street protesters from the likes of codepink and moveon.org?

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550 BILLION DOLLAR Electronic Run On Banks In September '08 The Real Reason For Our Financial Crisis?

Is the real reason for our financial crisis a $550 billion run on our banks in September ’08 and not the subprime mortgage collapse as we were told? Perhaps we should follow along as Rep. Paul Kanjorski D-(PA) describes what happened back in September 2008, prior to the election, which launched what would become the serious financial catastrophe we are currently dealing with…

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