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Dissent Is The Highest Form Of Patriotism And More Left Wing Hypocrisy

Speaking up, speaking out, shouting, protesting, screaming, vigorously debating, hammering Congressional representatives, yelling and being a “disruptor” is all good when you are a Democrat and a Republican is in the White House and in the majority in Congress. But what happens when the Democrats grab unstoppable power in the legislative and executive (and arguably […]

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Nancy Pelosi, "Town Meeting Protesters Carry Swastikas"

Nancy Pelosi claims healthcare protesters, “astroturfers,” many if not most of them Democrats by the way, are carrying swastikas into the town meetings! What a freakin’ loon! This lying hag seems to have a real beef with people who aren’t too happy with her and Obama’s policies that have run this country into the ground […]

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Video Feed Featuring Iranian Protesters

I believe this may have originally been intended to be a live video feed from Iran however the bandwidth requirements were probably far in excess of what could be accomplished with the resources the people trying to get these videos out to the world could manage. Apparently there are numerous videos in queue waiting to […]

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Rabid Lefties Looking To Taint Tea Parties

Hoping to somehow discredit these tea parties going on all over the country, militant ACORN clowns and other Obama-bots will reportedly start showing up at these events focused on stirring up nothing but trouble. Interestingly the mainstream media has largely avoided reporting on these tea parties, which are attended by thousands, like the plague so […]

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Thursday April 2nd.

A peek at some of the news items of the day…

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What Does London Not Want Us To See?

London is poised to shut down all of their brand spanking new mobile CCTV cameras in central London just before the G-20 summit is to begin due to what is described as an illegality with the units…

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Saturday March 28th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Obama Orders 17,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan. Why Didn't He Tell The World In Front Of TV Cameras?

Barack Obama has very quietly ordered an additional 17,000 troops to the country of Afghanistan shortly after flying all over the country loudly promoting his nearly one trillion dollar government spending spree in front of thousands of people and dozens of well placed TV cameras. So where are all of the marching in the street protesters from the likes of codepink and moveon.org?

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Obama Wants A National Civilian Security Force. We Should All Be Asking….WHY?

11-14-08 “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded….” 18 U.S.C. § 1385 Use of Army and Air Force as Posse Comitatus. “Whoever, […]

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Proposition 8 Protesters Target Wrong Groups.

11-09-08 So Proposition 8 passes in California and the gay folks and their supporters blow a gasket. The question is, why? They must have known it was coming as Californians have shot this gay marriage stuff down every time it comes up for a vote. This latest attempt to force the government of that state […]

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