Rabid Lefties Looking To Taint Tea Parties


Hoping to somehow discredit these tea parties going on all over the country, militant ACORN clowns and other Obama-bots will reportedly start showing up at these events focused on stirring up nothing but trouble.

Interestingly the mainstream media has largely avoided reporting on these tea parties, which are attended by thousands, like the plague so as to not make their guy Obama look bad throughout the world. After all we can’t have half the country seen on television expressing their disagreement with his radical far left policies now can we?

You know and I know and you know that I know that the media will suddenly start paying all kinds of attention to these protest gatherings the second all the loony lefty groups fire off that memo letting them know it’s game on.

The usual media suspects, who haven’t made a peep about these tea parties in the past, will all of a sudden be extremely interested in them especially the scenes of fighting, arguing and general pandemonium instigated by the left wing thugs who have been well trained by their community organizers for just such a purpose.

Isn’t it great how Obama has brought the country so much closer together than that divisive George W. Bush?

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