Video Feed Featuring Iranian Protesters

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I believe this may have originally been intended to be a live video feed from Iran however the bandwidth requirements were probably far in excess of what could be accomplished with the resources the people trying to get these videos out to the world could manage. Apparently there are numerous videos in queue waiting to be uploaded but will have to wait due to limitations of the number of videos which can be “imported” imposed by “Livestream.”

Just a quick heads up. This is raw video so some scenes may be a little uncomfortable to watch such as people who have been shot and protesters, including women, getting clubbed by the “authorities.” In addition this stream could get shut down for good at any time.

This victim, who was watching the protests with her father, collapsed after what sounds like a spray of gunfire is heard in the background. According to a doctor who was standing nearby and rushed over to try and save the young woman, the gunman was hiding on the rooftop of a house when he deliberately targeted her. In this video her eyes roll back in her head and blood soon begins to pour from her mouth and nose as pandemonium breaks out all around her. As you will see onlookers tried desperately to put pressure on her neck to stop the bleeding but their actions were not enough to save her.

Caution, this is a very graphic video.

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