Some News And Issues Of The Day For Thursday April 2nd.


House Majority Leader Democrat Steny Hoyer isn’t complaining about it but he is wondering where the hell Obama got the authority to do what he is doing with GM and Chrysler.
To tell you the truth Hoyer the rest of us out here would like to know the answer to that very question ourselves. If the leaders of Congress, like you, or just the rank and file members for that matter can find out any information that would help us solve this riddle be sure to let us know will ya?

The “richest” nations in the world negotiate a historic agreement at the G-20 to give away even more of our money to corrupt governments that will piss it away like they always have.
Well that sure took a lot of hard work huh? Like it really takes a bunch of geniuses to get together in a million dollar a hour European hotel and come to an agreement to give away a trillion dollars of money earned by hard working people to “poor nations” (read Africa) that have been “poor” forever because of the crooks that run these countries with an iron fist. Naturally the U.S. will pick up most of the tab for this giveaway just like we fund nearly 25% of the completely corrupt United Nations and this was one of the gameplans behind installing Obama into office.

The Queen manhandled by Michelle Obama.
Well not quite manhandled but she did touch the Queen on the back ever so briefly throwing hundreds of years of British protocol straight into the loo. Ya DON’T touch the Queen no matter what! Hell everybody knows this, except for the black Jackie O apparently. I don’t know why people aren’t supposed to lay their grubby mitts on Her Majesty but in a snarky kind of way I’m kinda glad she did get pawed by the woman who has expressed her dislike for white people and you can’t get any whiter than the Queen! In a related note and in an effort by the Obama’s to make up for the lame gift to the Queen of an ipod it was reported today that behind closed doors they presented the first mum with two Wal Mart telephone calling cards that still had some minutes left on them.

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The crazy idea of mailing these tea bags to government officials is just silly. Unless one wishes a visit from law enforcement it’s probably best to avoid doing this.
I know these tea party protests are huge and going on all over the country but some people thought it would be a great idea to send tea bags to Congressional members as a way to let them know just how angry people are in this country at the direction Obama has taken this country in the last two months. Tea bags sent through the mail are never going to change any minds and in fact this silly stunt will wind up backfiring in a big way. Let’s hope saner minds prevail and this kind of silliness stops.

Ex-governor Blago, you have been indicted on corruption charges. What are you going to do?
“Why I’m gonna go to Disneyland! What me worry?” Atta boy Blago, you show em! Why stress out when everyone knows you have the goods on a whole bunch of politicians in Chicago and some as far away as Washington DC! The down side? If I needed to get somewhere in a hurry and I found out Blago was going to be on the same plane I would happily give up my seat and wait for the next flight if ya know what I mean.

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