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Chris Matthews: West Point Was Enemy Camp For Obama Tonight (Updated 12-3-09)

MSNBC’s basement rated talk show blatherer Chris Matthews is simply aghast at what he perceives to be a rather chilly reception from military cadets at West Point during Barack Hussein Obama’s appearance this evening to announce the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. Matthews went so far as to suggest Obama had stumbled […]

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Former Foreign Service Official Matthew Hoh Explains Decision To Resign

Matthew Hoh makes an appearance on PBS’s NewsHour and sits down for an interview with Judy Woodruff to explain his decision to repudiate American involvement in Afghanistan and resign his foreign service position. washingtonpost.com–When Matthew Hoh joined the Foreign Service early this year, he was exactly the kind of smart civil-military hybrid the administration was […]

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Taliban Force Captured American Soldier To Grovel On Video (Updated: 7-20)

Let’s hope and pray that Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho is either released or rescued from the clutches of these sick Taliban bastards soon. How this young man was captured to begin with is baffling but it seems he left his base in the company of three Afghani “counterparts” who apparently were […]

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White House Press Briefing Resembles Kindergarten Classroom

Obama, no doubt with one eye on the Rasmussen and Gallup websites, has decided he may not release the photographs of incarcerated terrorists, who were allegedly abused by their military jailers, for the time being. While Obama and his people claim he is worried about the safety of our military personnel fighting in Iraq and […]

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CodePink, MoveOn And Sheehan, Where Are All You "Anti War" Clowns Now?

The U.S. has been embroiled in unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for years against men who do not wear military uniforms, stockpile weapons in mosques and use women and children as human shields so the inevitability of civilian casualties will be an unavoidable and regrettable issue that this country will have to deal with […]

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Monday March 30th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Obama Orders 17,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan. Why Didn't He Tell The World In Front Of TV Cameras?

Barack Obama has very quietly ordered an additional 17,000 troops to the country of Afghanistan shortly after flying all over the country loudly promoting his nearly one trillion dollar government spending spree in front of thousands of people and dozens of well placed TV cameras. So where are all of the marching in the street protesters from the likes of codepink and moveon.org?

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Obama Reached Out To Al Qaida Long Before He Became President? Oh Really Now?

Long before he was elected as U.S. President numero 44 Barack Hussein Obama was negotiating behind the scenes with “Arab intermediaries” in an attempt to establish a pre-presidential dialog with the likes of that fun loving roving band of terrorists al-Qaida. That’s according to what worldtribune.com (via Geostrategy-Direct.com.) claims in an article published online today. Now this seems a just a little bit odd to me…

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Italy And England, Two Different Approaches To Muslim Immigrants.

One European country clearly gets it while another continues to slide backwards into oblivion. Andrea Ronchi, Italy’s Minister of Department for European Community Policies says those who decide to immigrate into his country will either assimilate into Italian society and culture or they can buy a bus ticket and find some other place to call home. Meanwhile over in Great Britain 44% of the Muslims (notice I didn’t say radical Islamics) say they would prefer to have separate communities and would rather NOT integrate into British society and culture…

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