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Obama, Biden Scold States About How To Spend Bailout Money While Administration Clueless Where Bank TARP Funds Have Gone

Let me see if I can get this straight. Obama and his right hand dunce Joe Biden, two people who’s combined resumes reflective of their extensive executive backgrounds could easily fit on the side of one of those cheap promotional ink pens, have the audacity to warn states that accepted back some of the money they sent to Washington D.C. in the first place, that they had better not “waste” the funds? Meanwhile the Obama administration has no idea where billions of taxpayer dollars went in the banking bailouts…

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Since Obama Has Taken Office He And The Democrat Owned Congress Have Spent One Billion Dollars AN HOUR!

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell sums the crazy spending spree up nicely when he points out Congress has spent a billion dollars a day since Obama was elected…

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Avowed Left Winger Jim Cramer Blasts Obama, “This Is The Greatest Wealth Destruction I’ve Seen By A President!"

CNBC’s Mad Money guy and unabashed Democrat Jim Cramer unloaded a couple barrels full of sarcastic verbal buckshot at Barack Hussein Obama’s economic policies this morning while being interviewed by renowned Obama jock washer extraordinaire Matt Lauer on the Today Show…

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Joe Biden Makes Sarah Palin Look Like A Rhodes Scholar, Again. Has No Clue About Stimulus Website

While he was being interviewed for a TV news program Joe Biden was asked for the government website address for taxpayers to watch as their money gets handed off to Democrat supporters and programs to ensure liberals maintain power for the next several decades. He got stumped….again!

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Obama's Economic Scare Tactics Are The Real Catastrophe

There should be little wonder why Wall Street has absolutely cratered since Obama took office. Investors know history (unlike the glassy eyed Obama supporters) and can see right through the daily “crisis” diatribe coming from the new administration…

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Obama Orders 17,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan. Why Didn't He Tell The World In Front Of TV Cameras?

Barack Obama has very quietly ordered an additional 17,000 troops to the country of Afghanistan shortly after flying all over the country loudly promoting his nearly one trillion dollar government spending spree in front of thousands of people and dozens of well placed TV cameras. So where are all of the marching in the street protesters from the likes of codepink and moveon.org?

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Spend-ulus Bill Passes House, Again With NO Republican Support. Not ONE Congressional Member Read The 1100 Page Bill Before Voting!

The Democrats own it and it’s pretty much a done deal…787 billion dollars, not counting the interest which will put this Obamanation well over ONE TRILLION, is the final figure in the 1100 page spend-ulus package thrust upon an unwilling and unhappy American citizenry after the remaining vote is cast in the Senate tonight…

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Shovel Ready Projects Submitted Come to 22 Billion Dollars–47,470 Jobs….In Puerto Rico??

Somebody really went to bat for the good citizens of Puerto Rico. In fact someone really went to bat, to the tune of some $22,191,873,785 with a projected 47,470 jobs created at a cost of $467,492 per position…

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From The "Gee, We Never Saw This Kinda Crap Coming" Department

Barack Hussein Obama has been yammering and hammering away for weeks now over this nearly one TRILLION DOLLAR Democrat-supporters-and-benefactors-package saying our lives as we know them will cease to be if this Obamanation doesn’t get through Congress. So what does this guy do? Gives away 20.3 million taxpayer dollars to Hamas in Gaza…

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Obama Tells Congressional Republicans To Quit Listening To Rush Limbaugh!

t seems as though Mr. Obama is so comfortable in his role as King of America that he thinks he can now tell people who they shouldn’t listen to on the radio! President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration…

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