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Santa Joins The Bailout Frenzy. Claims Costs Through The Roof-Kid's Requests Ain't What They Used To Be

“It used to be a baseball mitt and a puppy. now it’s gold plated Ugg boots. it’s killing us up there sir…it’s killing us.”

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David Axlerod-The Kingmaker. Selling Whatever The Masses Think They Wish To Buy

Joel Stein, LA Times columnist:

“We know we’re being fooled but we kind of like it. I can’t get off this ride…it’s too good!”

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Want To Work In The Obama Administration? Just Answer A Few Simple Questions!

In an effort to align his administration with Nancy Pelosi’s famous proclamation of having an honest, open and ethical Congress, Obama has released a series of straight forward questions to potential team players…

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"Climate Change" (From Fall To Winter) Brings Worldwide Record Cold Temperatures. Chalk It Up To "Global Warming"

It said five degrees on the thermometer when I let the pooch out to do her business at 6:30 this morning. However with the slight wind that was blowing it was most certainly below zero. She sure didn’t need much convincing to hurry up and get the job done and get back inside the 55 degree house. No wonder these environmental whack jobs had to change the namesake of their bogus cause from “global warming” to “climate change” and even then these folks insist this cold weather is due to…you guessed it, global warming.

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Ford Bails Out Of Auto Industry Bailout Deal-Brilliant Tactic

Ford gets to keep their books closed and away from the government nitwits and in the end will certainly benefit from the deals and concessions made with union workers and parts suppliers as a result of GM and Chrysler opting to receive taxpayer money “to save their businesses.”

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Congressional Reminder To AIG CEO-Taxpayers Are Company Stockholders-Sharia Law Compliant Insurance Products Unacceptable

Republican Congressional House members Sue Myrick of North Carolina and Frank Wolf of Virginia sent a sternly worded message to AIG CEO Edward Liddy, think twice before offering Sharia Law compliant insurance products to the public. In a three page letter the two House members spelled out the danger with this Sharia based financial stuff and what it is really all about…radical Islamic ideology and the way this cancer is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

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Sarah Palin Punts Pay Bump Meanwhile U. S. Congressional Members Will Bank Extra $4,700 Come January

The Alaska State Officers Compensation Commission has recommended raises for many state office holders including Governor Sarah Palin. Palin spokesman Bill McAllister said Wednesday that if the Legislature submits legislation for a raise, Palin will not accept the money. On the other hand Congress is almost due for it’s annual raise equaling some $4,700 come January…

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Obama Inauguration Requires 11,500 Military Personnel-4000 Police Officers

This is some presidential inauguration security contingent I’ll tell you! 4,000 police officers from 96 agencies, 11,500 military personnel and an undisclosed number of Secret Service agents will be swarming all over Washington D.C. when Obama is sworn is as the next President of the U.S….

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Iraqi Shoe Thrower Gains Fame And Following In U. S. As Codepink Dimbulbs Become Giddy With Glee

The world is momentarily in love with someone other than Obama and all it took was throwing a couple of size 10s at George Bush’s head. That’s right folks the guy that winged his wingtips at the President when he was making a farewell speech in Iraq the other day is not only a hero to lots of folks in the Arab world he even has some people in this country pinning his picture up on their bedroom walls in adoration. People such as the George Soros funded codepink anti war gang of clueless nitwits…

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Jesse Jackson Jr., An Undercover Brutha?

It seems that the son of the infamous Jesse Jackson, who once expressed a desire to violently remove Barack Obama’s “tool kit”, may have been laying a little 007 on the embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. — who was cited in a criminal complaint against Rod Blagojevich — has been an informant for at least a decade with the U.S. Attorney’s office…

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