Obama Inauguration Requires 11,500 Military Personnel-4000 Police Officers


This is some presidential inauguration security contingent I’ll tell you! 4,000 police officers from 96 agencies, 11,500 military personnel and an undisclosed number of Secret Service agents will be swarming all over Washington D.C. when Obama is sworn is as the next President of the U.S.

I have no idea who’s decision it really was to assemble this massive number of law enforcement and military people for the occasion but at first blush I would have to ask, a little over the top fellas or what? I realize Obama’s head is as big around as the moon and his ego has no bounds but this is ridiculous. I could understand if it was a Republican president elect needing this level of protection as the left wing lunatics in this country love nothing more than disrupting any event involving the GOP but let’s be honest, conservatives are grown ups and don’t go around acting like juvenile hooligans destroying stuff and getting into fights with the fuzz.

So what is the deal? According to the chicagotribune.com the U.S. military will be on “high alert” with increased air defenses and chemical attack experts on hand. I presume it’s in case Russia decides to attempt a surprise takeover of the country at precisely the same time Obama gets sworn in.

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From the chicagotribune story,

Air Force Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., who heads the military command that oversees security for North America, said the Defense Department had not been told of specific Inauguration Day threats. Nonetheless, he said, the armed services must be ready.

“It would make news for a terrorist element or rogue element to interrupt that event,” Renuart said. “So it is prudent to plan for the possibility of that event and to deter it or to respond to it.”

Fair enough but under George Bush we have not been attacked a single time since 9/11 by terrorist or rogue elements upon our soil so exactly what are these guys worried about? I fully understand it is prudent to have a strong security element deployed during a presidential inauguration and I’m aware that there will probably be a record number of people attending this particular event but the vast majority of those showing up are mind numbed Obama drones that are so smitten with their guy I highly doubt they will break out in full blown chemical warfare mode or come flying in low with F-16s strafing the inauguration podium.

More from the chicagotribune,

The preparations come amid heightened security concerns during the presidential transition. The Bush administration is planning to provide the president-elect with a series of contingency plans for potential international emergencies, including terrorist strikes and electronic attacks, that could occur after Obama takes the oath of office.

I want to mentally wander back to just a few months ago when all we heard in the media is how much everyone in the entire world was just so much in love with this Obama guy. In fact I feel confident that if we could have somehow opened up the voting on November 4th to every soul on the planet Obama would not only have been the very first Hawaiian born U.S. president but he would have been elected the very first Hawaiian born World Leader!

By the way Air Force General Renuart wants everyone to be aware that the 11,500 military personnel will be there to assist the civilian law enforcement officials. I think I know why he made the effort to let us know.


The military response is not unprecedented. Northern Command officials said they provided security for inaugural activities in 2005, as well as for national political conventions and major athletic events such as the Super Bowl.

As a matter of fact the military did provide assistive security when President Bush was inaugurated for the second time in 2005. Keep in mind this was a mere three years after the brutal 9/11 attacks and not long after our declaration of hostilities against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. I would certainly think the well founded concern for some serious terroristic havoc would have been very much alive during that particular time no? The military contingent for the ’05 inauguration for Bush? A mere 2,500. Civilian police personnel deployed? Six thousand plus a grip of Secret Service people.

So why 9,000 more military personnel this time around?

Is someone expecting one hell of an outburst from the gay folks over Rick Warren providing the invocation at the big event? Seriously what is the worse these people are going offer, wearing way too much makeup, choreographed crotch grabs and pink boas tossed onto the roadway? These people can get pretty loony but I have yet to hear of them running around with RPGs loaded with mustard gas.

No it isn’t about any gay riots and they know they won’t be getting any grief from conservatives so there is definitely something interesting going on with this whole military thing. Training exercise for the future? Perhaps. One never knows just what manufactured crisis will pop up next after all the “credit debacle” was quite a doozy wasn’t it?

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