"Climate Change" (From Fall To Winter) Brings Worldwide Record Cold Temperatures. Chalk It Up To "Global Warming"


It said five degrees on the thermometer when I let the pooch out to do her business at 6:30 this morning. However with the slight wind that was blowing it was most certainly below zero I surmised as I peered through the sliding glass door. She sure didn’t need much convincing to hurry up and get the job done and get back inside the 55 degree house. In my bid to show the green weenies we all care about the environment I decided to do my part to save the planet this winter and refrain from using my 98% efficient central heating unit. No doubt I saved someone or something somewhere because of my sacrifices or at least I will do what all of these global warming alarmists do and convince myself I have.

Anyone else out there amazed at all of the news concerning the weather? Word has it virtually all of Canada is expecting a white Christmas for the first time since 1971. We have Beijing recording its coldest day in 57 years. Wind chill adjusted temperatures dropped to 30 below zero in Chicago and ten below in New York City.

The midwest is getting hammered with sleet, ice and freezing rain while Seattle digs out from eight to 12 inches of snow. It even snowed in Malibu California! Are you kidding me?! Al Gore, can we get some answers here as to what the hell is going on? I mean you are the climate expert right?

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Roads closed. Schools closed. Airports shut down. Eustis Maine with some 42 inches of snow. Car wrecks littering the nations roadways. Virtually the entire country is getting pounded with record cold temperatures!

No wonder these environmental whack jobs had to change the namesake of their bogus cause from “global warming” to “climate change” and even then these folks insist this cold weather is due to…you guessed it, global warming.

Now quite a bit of this “climate change” nonsense emanates from our “institutions of higher learning” or as many like to refer to college campuses, indoctrination farms. The folks that work for these institutions are more inclined than not to echo the sentiments of the liberals in this country. For one, because most of them are of the same ilk and second because their stances on subjects such as the climate just might influence their budgets and funding depending on the political pressures at any given time. Don’t think it’s all about politics? Guess again. If you don’t follow the liberal left wing lock step mantra with this global warming/climate crap these people will come after you!

That said you are more than likely to be suffering under the burden of this latest cold snap and there is sure to be more to come. Just be sure to be safe if you have to go out and remove the ‘weather’ from your vehicle’s windows and lights prior to heading on down the road.

Didn’t see that one comin’, did ya?

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