Iraqi Shoe Thrower Gains Fame And Following In U. S. As Codepink Dimbulbs Become Giddy With Glee


The world is momentarily in love with someone other than Obama and all it took was throwing a couple of size 10s at George Bush’s head. That’s right folks the guy that winged his wingtips at the President when he was making a farewell speech in Iraq the other day is not only a hero to lots of folks in the Arab world he even has some people in this country pinning his picture up on their bedroom walls in adoration.

People such as the George Soros funded codepink anti war gang of clueless nitwits. Past history, facts, reality and common sense aside this group of people, who, if they were in charge of this country would simply hand over the keys to Iran tomorrow, decided to hold a little solidarity rally in Washington in honor of Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi for throwing his shoes at our Commander in Chief.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In solidarity with an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at George W. Bush at a Baghdad press conference Sunday, peace activists will gather outside the White House with bags of shoes representing Iraqis and U.S. soldiers who have died since the Bush Administration’s illegal invasion of Iraq.

They aim to show support for Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi, who hurled his shoes at President Bush while he spoke at the conference on his “surprise” visit to discuss the war. Al-Zaidi is currently being held by Iraqi police and questioned on his actions. The peace activists are calling on the Iraqi government to release al-Zaidi without charges and have set up a fund to support him and his family.”

“It’s outrageous that al-Zaidi could get two years in prison for insulting George Bush, when Bush is directly responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqis and 4,200 U.S. troops, and 5 million displaced Iraqis,” says Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK. “The one who should be in jail is George Bush, and he should be charged with war crimes.”

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Bags of shoes. How quaint. I guess that sort of stunt goes over well with the msnbc crowd. The rest of us just see it for what it is, a group of people that were spoiled as little children and haven’t quite made the move to true adulthood.

To Medea Benjamin of codepink and the rest of your ilk follow along on a little history tour.

“The hard fact is that so long as Saddam remains in power he threatens the well being of his people, the peace of his region, the security of the world.

The best way to end that threat once and for all is with a new Iraqi government.

Bringing change in Baghdad will take time and effort.

The decision to use force is never cost free. Whenever American forces are placed in harm’s way we risk the loss of life. And while our strikes are focused on Iraq’s military capabilities there will be unintended Iraqi casualties.

Heavy as they are the cost of action must be weighed against the price of inaction.

If Saddam defies the world and we fail to respond we will face a far greater threat in the future.

Saddam will strike again at his neighbors. He will make war on his own people. And mark my words he will develop weapons of mass destruction. He will deploy them and he will use them.”

Was it a swaggering George W. Bush making those incendiary statements? No it sure wasn’t. It was the liberal’s very own beloved Bill Clinton taking a hard line and sending our military into harm’s way almost exactly ten years ago today.

Normally you would think citizens of this country would be upset with politicians that lie to them. You know, like the Democrats did when it came to Iraq. How can anyone support a group of gutless wafflers like this who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand by their convictions?

So you see as I watch all of these young people running around protesting the Iraq war and lashing out at Bush I am reminded that they were mere toddlers when this Iraq situation was just starting to heat up. To lazy to dig for readily available information to find out what the hell is really going on they find it easier to simply jump on the bandwagon and pretend they really make a difference in the world.

Now that Mr. Peacemaker Obama is going to take the reins to reality I wonder how many of these George Soros funded activist groups will continue to protest in the street and bring bags of whatever to the steps of the White House? Oh wait you mean it really isn’t about any of this war stuff it was just an opportunity for these left wing fringe groups to spew their venom at a Republican administration?

In closing I have a great idea. Let’s empty out Guantanamo Bay and place all of the poor innocent souls that are incarcerated there into the homes of these codepink people. That way these folks can get some serious face time with those that wish for nothing more in their lives than the annihilation of this country and all the people within. Try walking the walk for once. What do you say Medea Benjamin?

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