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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Sunday April 5th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Rep. Barney Frank (D)–Amount Of Your Salary Is Now Up To Us

If Barney Frank’s unconstitutional Pay for Performance Act of 2009 is signed into law the government will be deciding what your salary will be not your supervisor or your company…

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Saturday March 28th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Obama, Biden Scold States About How To Spend Bailout Money While Administration Clueless Where Bank TARP Funds Have Gone

Let me see if I can get this straight. Obama and his right hand dunce Joe Biden, two people who’s combined resumes reflective of their extensive executive backgrounds could easily fit on the side of one of those cheap promotional ink pens, have the audacity to warn states that accepted back some of the money they sent to Washington D.C. in the first place, that they had better not “waste” the funds? Meanwhile the Obama administration has no idea where billions of taxpayer dollars went in the banking bailouts…

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White House Spokeshole Mr. Family Guy (Robert Gibbs) Versus Rick Santelli. Not Much Of A Contest

Following up on my post concerning Rick Santelli’s Obama administration mortgage bailout plan beatdown, I figured a snippy response from the White House would come rather quickly. Sure enough it did as we have discovered Obama is pretty thin skinned when it comes to any type of criticism…

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The Foreclosure "Crisis" From Another Perspective. Who Is Making A Pile Of Money Off All The Misery?

So, for whatever reason one wakes up some morning and finds themselves in a bit of trouble making the house payment. There are companies making a pile of money from various fees when homes go into foreclosure and in fact the investors behind the companies have absolutely no desire or compunction whatsoever to assist people in trouble with their mortgages…

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Santa Joins The Bailout Frenzy. Claims Costs Through The Roof-Kid's Requests Ain't What They Used To Be

“It used to be a baseball mitt and a puppy. now it’s gold plated Ugg boots. it’s killing us up there sir…it’s killing us.”

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Ford Bails Out Of Auto Industry Bailout Deal-Brilliant Tactic

Ford gets to keep their books closed and away from the government nitwits and in the end will certainly benefit from the deals and concessions made with union workers and parts suppliers as a result of GM and Chrysler opting to receive taxpayer money “to save their businesses.”

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With Panties In A Huge Wad, Liberals And Union People Furious Over Auto Bailout Rejection

Wait just a minute here I thought the liberals despised the big greedy corporations in this country? You know like GM, Chrysler and Ford. The liberals and domestic autoworker union members are bellyaching all over the place about the Senate voting down the automaker bailout bill and of course blaming the Republicans for its demise…

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With Tin Cups In Both Hands Big Three CEOs Are Back In Washington For Round Two.

12-02-08 The CEOs for the Big Three automakers are getting ready to re-pitch their hopes for a taxpayer bailout to the world’s largest piggy bank, also known as our U.S. Congress, throughout this week. When these guys showed up with their tin cups and pet monkeys last month they ran into a bit of criticism […]

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