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Evidently Obama Believes Haiti Is One Of Those 57 American States

During the recent interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier Barack Obama claimed the healthcare reform scandal referred to as the “Louisiana Purchase” would help states like Hawaii which “had an earthquake.” Really he did. After that interesting “observation” one must wonder just how many truly devastating natural disasters have hit other states in the union […]

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The Barack Obama Church You Have Probably Never Heard Of

This post is offered for historical purposes only because the following information is what we call beyond a freakin’ day late and a damn dollar short. From the American Thinker website we have an opportunity to delve into some previously unknown Barack Hussein Obama past history that was deliberately and conspiratorially kept from the American […]

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Some News And Issues Of The Day For Sunday April 5th

A look at some of the news and issues of the day…

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Dr. Chiyome Fukino Puts Obama Birth Certificate Issue To Rest.

11-01-08 Dr. Chiyome Fukimo, Director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, claims to have personally viewed Barack Obama’s birth certificate and states he was indeed born in Hawaii. Fukimo was appointed to the position by Republican Governor Linda Lingle in 2002. Hillary Clinton supporters began floating the possibility during the Democratic primary that Obama was not […]

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Barack Obama Is Not Really….Barack Obama???

10-22-08 Who in the world could have cooked this one up? It seems that Andy Martin’s travels through Barack Obama’s former Hawaiian stomping grounds has unearthed a most improbable conclusion to all of these wild assertions concerning Obama’s birth certificate. Many people that are not entirely comfortable with the Obama camps’ claims that his certificate […]

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Barack Obama Ineligible to Run For President.

10-21-08 Well at least according to Philip Berg the Pennsylvania attorney who filed suit against Obama and the Democratic National Committee challenging his eligibility to run for president. Berg says Obama and the DNC failed to respond in a timely manner to his request for answers to his queries and therefor he should be immediately […]

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Obama Heads For Hawaii. Grandma Really Sick.

10-20-08 It appears that Barack Obama is taking some time away from the campaign trail later this week to be with his ailing grandmother. Normally one would have some compassion for someone when a close family member is not doing well and wish them the best even during a raucous and rowdy political race. That […]

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