Some News And Issues Of The Day For Saturday March 28th


I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya! It seems Obama has received a list of “top Muslims” in the U.S…..
Evidently there are some folks across the land that would like to see many more Muslims working the the Obama administration so they sent him a book. This book contains a list of “top Muslims” (whatever that is supposed to mean) these people would like to see employed in the White House. Seeing how Obama himself was not even casually vetted I felt better about this little project when it was reported that these 45 Muslims were “carefully vetted” by a Muslim organization.

British police say they have identified some 200 children who they suspect may be vulnerable to becoming terrorists.
Well that’s really not hard to believe since the U.K. has simply caved into the radical Muslims and are probably mere months away from handing the country over to them.

California politics as usual. No wonder the state needs billions in other state’s money.
The politics of being connected sure can pay off as seen here in that once great state of California. If there is one thing that really pisses taxpayers off it’s some well connected family member or friend of a politician land some completely bogus high paying state job while they are struggling to make ends meet. $70-80 grand for a “consulting” position? Give me a break. If someone needs consultation on how to do their damn job then it’s obvious they are in the wrong one.

Marisela Villar listens to her father, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, at a City Hall news conference. Californians pay Villar $68,000 annually as a field representative for Democrats.

Isn’t that grand, non-Democrat voting taxpayers footing the bill for this crony’s salary!

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Death vans in China. Quick, efficient and profitable.
I wonder what would happen if there were a bunch of protesters following these vans around in China? You know like we have in this country with all these moonbats outside the walls of prisons when some child rapist/killer finally gets put to death 35 years after the crime? Something tells me they would wind up as organ donors too. Imagine the outrage if the U.S. was doing this kind of stuff. Then again we do owe that country a lot of money we can’t repay so i guess we’ll just gloss over this issue for now.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Obama ready to give automakers billions more.
Yes we know this is merely appeasement and payback to the labor unions, who always vote overwhelmingly for Democrat politicians. We also know that these companies are going to declare bankruptcy anyway, something they should have done months ago and saved the taxpayers billions of dollars in the process. The people having to foot the bill for this mess have been against these damn bailouts from the outset but of course the community organizer in chief knows better than the rest of us. Consumers are not buying cars and trucks right now and won’t until this radical attack by the entire Obama administration against our semi free market quasi capitalist economy comes to an end. Maybe we could just throw the whole bunch of these statists out of office and start from scratch!

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