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Sarah Palin's Speech At The Tea Party Convention In Full

Sarah Palin came out of the chute ablazin’, delivering the final speech at the first Tea Party Convention held in Nashville Tennessee over the last couple of days and in true form, she held nothing back.

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Hey Joe Biden, The Name Of The Movie Is A-v-a-t-a-r

The film Avatar has been a worldwide blockbuster since it’s release last month and has become the highest grossing film in history in record time. I’m reasonably certain even my dog is aware of that fact but we can always count on the man who is one step away from the presidency to be clueless […]

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Barack Hussein Obama's Campaign Manager Couldn't Be More Pathetic

David Plouffe, the man who helped create and present to America one of the biggest frauds we may ever see in our lifetime, Barack Hussein Obama, is apparently broke on his ass. I mean, why else would he be webcamming a whining plea from inside of some low rent budget hotel room trying to desperately […]

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If You Plan On Getting Old Be Afraid–Be Very Afraid

A few days ago Sarah Palin said she was relieved that the so called “death panel” or end-of-life language had been removed from consideration in the healthcare legislation being draw up by lawyers and lobbyists..oops I mean Congress. That euphoria will most likely be short lived. Now some, almost exclusively the leftists running the government […]

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Left Wing Womens' Group Honors Letterman With Hall Of Shame Nod

NOW or the National Organization Of Left Wing Women had the briefest moment of clarity after David Letterman’s disgusting rant against Sarah Palin and her family the other night caused them to finally stand up and attempt to do the right thing. Palin has been the target of vicious left wing attacks from the moment […]

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John Ziegler–Contessa Brewer Cat Fight On MSNBC

OK I confess, I’ve never heard of this Contessa Brewer before since I very rarely watch the drivel msnbc offers to its limited audience so I had to do some snooping around a bit and discovered she used to work for that drooling fool Don Imus at one time as a news reader. Other than […]

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Joe Biden Makes Sarah Palin Look Like A Rhodes Scholar, Again. Has No Clue About Stimulus Website

While he was being interviewed for a TV news program Joe Biden was asked for the government website address for taxpayers to watch as their money gets handed off to Democrat supporters and programs to ensure liberals maintain power for the next several decades. He got stumped….again!

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Mainstream Media Refuses Paid Advertising Challenging Obama's Eligibility For POTUS

Why would the national television news media, CNBC, MSNBC, Headline News, CNN and Fox among others, refuse to accept paid advertising challenging the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President of the United States? As a matter of fact why is it that conservative talk radio heavyweights like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin will not and have not touched this issue with a ten foot pole?

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Sarah Palin Gives The Liberal Media The Single Digit Salute. It's About Time.

Here we have the lovely, charming, intelligent and accomplished Sarah Palin giving the worthless brain dead Obama slobbering media several well placed crotch kicks but with the class and grace of a true American patriot. While all of the left wing bed wetters still living at home in their parent’s basements type away furiously with their hateful spiteful little misspelled comments in the YouTube and huffypost comment sections Palin goes on about her duty taking care of the needs of the citizens of the great state of Alaska.

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Joe Scarborough On msnbc Asks The Question-Barack Obama Who Is This Guy?

It looks Obamamsnbc’s Joe Scarborough done got himself all wound up over the fact that the lamestream media failed to do any real investigation into Obama’s background during the presidential campaign. Yeah, no kiddin’ Joe. They sure did track down every last detail about the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin though after sending a small army of “reporters” up to that stewing cauldron of well known political corruption….Wasilla Alaska…

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