Joe Scarborough On msnbc Asks The Question-Barack Obama Who Is This Guy?


It looks Obamamsnbc’s Joe Scarborough done got himself all wound up over the fact that the lamestream media failed to do any real investigation into Obama’s background during the presidential campaign. Yeah, no kiddin’ Joe. They sure did track down every last detail about the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin though after sending a small army of media hacks “reporters” up to that stewing cauldron of well known political corruption….Wasilla Alaska.

Yep the world found out Governor Palin had the audacity (of hope) to ask for some city code change concerning her property and at some point in time even got a free haircut or lunch or set of nails or something. It was such an earth shattering expose of true political malfeasance I forgot exactly what was involved.

Meanwhile back in Chicago not a journalist was found performing the same style of anal exam on Obama but that’s okay and probably even justified considering how squeaky clean we all know the Democratic political machine is in that city, in that state.

Obama? Who is this guy?? It’s a little late now trying to get answers to that question. We’re stuck just riding this long wave out until something pops. Stay tuned.

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