Barack Hussein Obama's Campaign Manager Couldn't Be More Pathetic

David Plouffe, the man who helped create and present to America one of the biggest frauds we may ever see in our lifetime, Barack Hussein Obama, is apparently broke on his ass.

I mean, why else would he be webcamming a whining plea from inside of some low rent budget hotel room trying to desperately pimp his stupid book full of worn out campaign rhetoric that this country quickly concluded was nothing but a humongous hoax on the American people?

Seriously folks, how many people does this no name clown, who evidently felt he had little choice but to ride the former Alaska governor’s coattails in order to attract attention, think he’ll attract on his “book tour” compared to Sarah Palin?

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Of course Palin, like every other chart topping conservative author, never had to stoop to this kind of embarrassing and juvenile nonsense in order to sell her one million plus books to date in record time. On the other hand, I’ll bet this unknown Plouffe doof couldn’t GIVE AWAY 100 of his books at a CodePink/ stupidfest even if he paid those idiots to take them off his hands.

Anyone want to bet anyone a large beer this dork’s publisher would like to swap situations with Palin’s publisher in a heartbeat about right now?

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