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Obama Admits His Promise We Will Be Able To Keep Current Health Plans Would Have Been "Violated" In ObamaCare

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama say they will push forward with their ObamaCare legislation even though it is extremely unpopular in this country with 61% of Americans saying they want Congress to immediately drop this nonsense and concentrate on reducing out of control government spending and the economy. rasmussenreports.com–Sixty-one percent (61%) of U.S. voters say […]

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Hey Obama, Pelosi, And Reid….It's The Economy–Stupid

America to Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid…… 71% of us are shouting out loudly that our overwhelming concern is the economy and job creation, with this global warming nonsense you far left nutjobs seem to be obsessed with, way WAAAY back there on the back burner. By job creation we don’t mean […]

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Peter Schiff: Obama's Phony GDP Growth

Recession: A period of general economic decline; typically defined as a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. A recession is typically accompanied by a drop in the stock market, an increase in unemployment, and a decline in the housing market. A recession is generally considered less severe than a depression, and if […]

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Barack Obama Pleads With Conservatives: Get Off My Back! I've Accomplished Absolutely Nothing…Yet!

I’m wondering if those of us on the right are being just a little bit too rough on ol Barack Hussein Obama considering the man has really accomplished very little since becoming president except of course deliberately jacking up any chance of an economic recovery here in America any time soon and blowing record amounts […]

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Barack Hussein Obama Getting Absolutely Hammered In AOL Poll

AOL decided to jump into the “Obama’s poll numbers are falling off a cliff” bandwagon with a small article the site posted up yesterday. In addition to the article they gave readers the opportunity to offer their opinions on six different questions regarding Obama’s job performance and as of 10:30 pm CST 7-21-09 each query […]

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Anonymous Donor Funds "Just Be Happy About The Recession" Billboards

One of the millions who have lost their job since the Obama Economy Killing Express rolled into town? Shake it off man. One of the 1.5 million people who have had lost their home to foreclosure since January of 2009, you know, when Obama moved into our White House? Don’t sweat it dude. One of […]

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Ohio's Love Affair With Obama Fading Quickly

Quinnipiac University in Hamden Ct. has just released polling data indicating Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular are quickly falling out of favor in the important swing state of Ohio. The latest figures available from the state are showing unemployment running almost a percentage point and a half higher than the national average […]

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Even That Idiot Bill Maher Is Finally Getting Sick Of Obama

The noodle is starting to go limp for that smarmy little creep Bill Maher as he bemoans the fact that his messiah hasn’t yanked this country to the brink of fascism nearly fast enough for his tastes. Oh yeah, he is also hatin’ on seeing his idol’s toothy face on the boob tube every time […]

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Obama Dislocates Both Shoulders Patting Himself On The Back

In an extraordinary display of unmitigated stupidity a room full of blithering idiots, in lock step with their hero Barack Obama who struts around like he won 93% of the vote instead of the pedestrian 53% of the goofs he managed to completely fool, cheer, whoop it up and applaud every time he mentions how […]

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Millionaires Moving Out Of Maryland To Escape Confiscatory Taxes

Perhaps the Governor of Maryland can learn an important lesson from the Governor of New York David Paterson or better yet NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg when it comes to constantly hammering the wealthy with confiscatory and punishing taxing schemes. Eventually these folks get fed up and move out of state often taking all of their […]

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