Ohio's Love Affair With Obama Fading Quickly

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Quinnipiac University in Hamden Ct. has just released polling data indicating Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular are quickly falling out of favor in the important swing state of Ohio.

The latest figures available from the state are showing unemployment running almost a percentage point and a half higher than the national average and it seems perhaps the residents are starting to figure out that handing over the legislative and executive branches to the tax and spend Democrats and the pathetically inexperienced Obama probably wasn’t such a terrific game plan after all.

There has not been a single aspect of the economy that has improved under the Obama administration except, of course, federal government hiring. The housing market continues to crash and burn, the dollar is tanking, the stock market plods along wallowing in investor malaise and employers continue to shed hundreds of thousands of jobs every month and it seems Ohioans might be starting to wake up to reality. The rest of the country sure has, giving Obama his worst showing on the Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll to date of -5 today.

Quinnipiac’s July 7 poll has Obama’s Ohio voter approval rating at 49%, a drop of 13% from the university’s May 6 poll number of 62%, a trend that is taking shape among all state wide Democrat officeholders.

In addition Ohio voters sent Obama’s approval rating on the economy plummeting from 57% approval/36% disapproval in May to 46% approval/48% disapproval this month showing residents are rapidly beginning to place responsibility for what is going on in the state on his shoulders.

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Democrat Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, who is running for retiring Republican U.S. Senator George Voinovich’s seat in 2010, saw his approval rating drop from 49% in May to 39% in July.

Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who was instrumental in running interference for Democrats during the 2008 election and is also running for Voinovich’s seat, lost seven points from May to July dropping to a 38% approval rating.

The Democrat U.S. Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, is down 11 points from May to 41% this month.

Democrat governor Ted Strickland has also seen his approval rating take a nosedive over the last two months from 57% to 46% with his disapproval numbers jumping from 29% in May to 42% in July.

Interestingly Ohio’s Republican Senator, George Voinovich, lost a mere three points during this same May to July period and is currently standing at 55% approval with state voters.

As could have been predicted when the Democrats won the White House with the former most liberal member of Congress now president and strong majorities in both houses of Congress the far left wing of the party has clearly misread what the American people were saying with the 2008 election as Gallup reported Monday that Americans, by a margin of 2 to 1, say their political views have become more conservative rather than liberal as the years go by.

Despite the results of the 2008 presidential election, Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative rather than more liberal, 39% to 18%, with 42% saying they have not changed. While independents and Democrats most often say their views haven’t changed, more members of all three major partisan groups indicate that their views have shifted to the right rather than to the left.

These findings, from a June 14-17 Gallup Poll, somewhat conform to Gallup’s annual trends on Americans’ self-defined political ideology. Thus far in 2009 (from January through May), 40% of Americans call themselves conservative, up from 37% in 2007 and 2008, and the highest level since 2004.

Just like the Obama administration “misread” the economy (all we heard from Obama during the campaign was how we were in the worst shape since the Great Depression so how is it he and his cohorts could have “misread” anything?) it is obvious they have also misread the mood of the country.

The people don’t want this huge cap and trade tax or all this phony environmentalism crap taking precedent over the economy. They don’t want a trillion dollar plus health care boondoggle or billions going to unions under the guise of auto company bailouts. They are fed up with the rest of the world sitting back while we fund everything from fighting pirates off the coast of Africa and overseas abortions to the money pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. Folks want this economy turned around and they want their jobs back, plain and simple.

Forty percent of Americans identify themselves as conservatives and 35% say they are moderates while only 21% claim they are liberals. While these should be some easy numbers for the Obama administration to understand, let’s hope for the sake of all the Republicans running for office in 2010 they happen to misread them just like they did with the economy.

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