Hey Obama, Pelosi, And Reid….It's The Economy–Stupid

America to Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid…… 71% of us are shouting out loudly that our overwhelming concern is the economy and job creation, with this global warming nonsense you far left nutjobs seem to be obsessed with, way WAAAY back there on the back burner.

By job creation we don’t mean 100,000 new federal government slugs. We mean get the hell off the backs of small business owners who are directly responsible for the vast amount of employed people in this country. Reduce the corporate tax rate, the second highest on the planet which is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices for everything, stupid punitive rules and regulations that hobble business expansion and in turn hiring opportunities and ramp up domestic energy development then we’ll get the damn ball rolling all over America in short order.

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