Barack Hussein Obama Getting Absolutely Hammered In AOL Poll

AOL decided to jump into the “Obama’s poll numbers are falling off a cliff” bandwagon with a small article the site posted up yesterday. In addition to the article they gave readers the opportunity to offer their opinions on six different questions regarding Obama’s job performance and as of 10:30 pm CST 7-21-09 each query had well over 200,000 votes.

(July 20) — Is the honeymoon over? Six months into his presidency, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows approval ratings for President Barack Obama’s handling of health care, the economy and the budget deficit sliding.
As he starts a major push for health-care reform legislation, approval for Obama’s handling of the issue dropped to 49 percent, down four points from a month ago….

I guess the Washington Post/ABC people limited their polling to Washington DC, Detroit and Berkeley CA because the little unscientific (you know, the kind where everyone has a shot at having their say) AOL poll after the article shows Obama just-getting-his-ass KICKED!

Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of health care?
Strongly disapprove—75%
Strongly approve—11%
Somewhat approve—7%
Somewhat disapprove—7%

Total Votes: 267,893

Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy?
Strongly disapprove—75%
Strongly approve—10%
Somewhat disapprove—8%
Somewhat approve—7%

Total Votes: 248,169

Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of unemployment?
Strongly disapprove—74%
Somewhat disapprove—11%
Strongly approve—8%
Somewhat approve—7%

Total Votes: 220,827

Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of the federal budget deficit?
Strongly disapprove—84%
Strongly approve—7%
Somewhat approve—5%
Somewhat disapprove —4%

Total Votes: 219,342

Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s overall handling of his job as president?
Strongly disapprove—72%
Strongly approve—12%
Somewhat disapprove—10%
Somewhat approve—6%

Total Votes: 238,428

Which of these issues do you consider most important?
The economy—56%
Federal budget deficit—24%
Health care—8%

Total Votes: 217,326

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Looks like all those wild eyed racists in the Republican party are the only ones aware of this AOL poll. Yeah, that would have to be the explanation. It couldn’t possibly be the result of the horrible job this clearly way in over his head community organizer has done in only six months in office now could it?

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