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How Could It Ever Have Come To This In Our Country? Military Personnel Line Up In Lawsuit Against Barack Obama

To date there are some 93 military personnel (more seem to be adding their names every day), active and retired, young and old, that have elected to join the legal challenge by California attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, founder of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation and website, to force Barack Hussein Obama to provide access to his vault, or long copy, original birth certificate…

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Radio Libyapper Mike Malloy's Wife Goes Racial On Bobby Jindal. Mainstream Media Yawns

Can you imagine what would happen if Sean Hannity, Laura Ingrahm, Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative radio talk show host mocked someone like this? Here we have radio libyapper Mike Malloy’s bed partner making fun of Republican Governor Bobby Jindal’s Indian ancestry in the true liberal racist fashion these moonbats are famous for…

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Senator Barbara Boxer Attempts to "Out-Stupid" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Which Isn't Easy To Do!

Uber liberal California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer has decided the time has come for the U.S. to succumb to United Nations dictated children’s rights in this country. Apparently, for far too many years, we have gotten away with some pretty serious atrocities aimed at the most vulnerable segment of our society, our little munchkins..

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Obama Portrayed As An Angel In German Parade

Here’s a short clip of an Obama figurine with a halo over his head getting dragged around a German parade route…and the crown goes yawn

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Nancy Pelosi, She's Only These Other Two Nitwits Away…..From The Presidency

Perhaps it’s the nine pounds of botox in her face or maybe she was just three sheets to the wind but the dumbest woman in America certainly looked like an utter fool jumping up and down every time the big flashing light on the teleprompter jockey’s back went off….

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ACLU Tells Illegal Aliens To Ignore Border Patrol Agents While Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Demands Answers About ICE Raid

The ACLU is rolling out a program in the state of Washington aimed at informing people that they do not have to speak to Border Patrol agents if they are stopped while going about their daily business. Meanwhile Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano demands answers from ICE over raid that nabbed 28 illegal aliens…

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The Taxpayers Clearing House Van Could Be Coming To Your Neighborhood Soon!

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Joe Biden Makes Sarah Palin Look Like A Rhodes Scholar, Again. Has No Clue About Stimulus Website

While he was being interviewed for a TV news program Joe Biden was asked for the government website address for taxpayers to watch as their money gets handed off to Democrat supporters and programs to ensure liberals maintain power for the next several decades. He got stumped….again!

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Drug Cartels Chase Mexican Mayor, Family Out Of Their Country And Into El Paso Texas

The reports the mayor of Juárez Mexico, Reyes Ferriz, and his family have fled Mexico for the safety and protection of El Paso, Texas. Mexican drug cartels have threatened the mayor and reports indicate they just might be coming to El Paso To get him…

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FBI Director Claims Mumbai India Terrorist Attack Could Spawn Similar Incident(s) In U.S.

Evidently the era of domestic safety under George W. Bush has come to an end with FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III warning of possible terrorist attacks within the U.S., potentially from home grown radicals…

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