Drug Cartels Chase Mexican Mayor, Family Out Of Their Country And Into El Paso Texas


The elpasotimes.com reports the mayor of Juárez Mexico, Reyes Ferriz, and his family have fled Mexico for the safety and protection of El Paso, Texas. Mexican drug cartels have threatened the mayor and reports indicate they just might be coming to El Paso To get him. Isn’t that great.

I’m sure he is a terrific fella and we know it is dangerous as hell down there but think about the peril his presence brings to American citizens in whatever neighborhood he decided to settle in? These drug thugs could care less about any collateral damage while going after their target and innocent lives are clearly at risk unless he is placed into some kind of U.S. protective custody, with Mexico picking up the tab for once.

This type of scenario is insane and will only get worse if we continue to allow it to happen. We already lay claim to the number two city in the world for kidnappings thanks to these savage drug cartels.

EL PASO – The El Paso Police Department is investigating alleged threats against Juárez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz, who reportedly moved his family to El Paso for safety reasons, Det. Carlos Carrillo said Monday.

“We received information that the Juárez mayor lives in El Paso, and that possibly they were going to come to El Paso to get him,” Carrillo said. “He has not asked us for our help, but it’s our duty to protect any resident of our city who may be under threat.”

Juárez police said written threats against Reyes Ferriz and his family were left in different parts of Juárez after ex-police chief Roberto Orduña Cruz resigned Friday.

The threats were written on banners the Juárez drug cartel has used to send messages to the police and others.

In light of the threats, Juárez city spokesman Sergio Belmonte said the mayor has increased security for himself and other city officials.

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