FBI Director Claims Mumbai India Terrorist Attack Could Spawn Similar Incident(s) In U.S.


Evidently the era of domestic safety under George W. Bush has come to an end with FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III warning of possible terrorist attacks within the U.S., potentially from home grown radicals.

The washingtonpost.com reported today,

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III today warned that extremists “with large agendas and little money can use rudimentary weapons” to sow terror, raising the specter that recent attacks in Mumbai that killed 170 people last year could embolden terrorists seeking to attack U.S. cities.

At a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, Mueller said that the bureau is expanding its focus beyond al-Qaeda and into splinter groups, radicals who try to enter the country through the visa waiver program and “home-grown terrorists.”

“The universe of crime and terrorism stretches out infinitely before us, and we too are working to find what we believe to be out there but cannot always see,” Mueller said.

One particular concern, the FBI director said, springs from the country’s background as a “nation of immigrants.” Federal officials worry about pockets of possible radicals among melting-pot communities in the United States such as Seattle, San Diego, Miami or New York.

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Surely it’s no secret to the FBI that there are several “Muslims of America” compounds filled with now released convicts that converted to Islam while in prison all over the country.

If the government is so concerned about terrorism and illegal weapon possession then why aren’t they raiding these compounds and arresting anyone who has been convicted of a felony with a firearm in their residence? According to federal law anyone convicted of a felony in this country cannot legally be in possession of a firearm on their person, in their residence or in their vehicle with very rare exceptions. So what’s the holdup?

The BATF went after some guy named Randy Weaver with a vengeance when he was hounded then scammed by an undercover federal agent into selling two shotguns to him that were allegedly 1/4 of an inch under the arbitrary legal length of 18 inches set by Congress. Read about the Weaver saga here.

The 1993 Waco Texas incident was supposedly based on information concerning illegal weapons possession and a concern over so called domestic threats perpetrated by a religious “cult.” Over 80 people died including some 20 children–shot and or burned beyond recognition within the wooden compound at the hands of government agents and the U.S. military. Considerably more about this tragedy can be found here.

So why no move on these Muslim compounds? At least one former Muslims of America member has clearly stated that there is a semi automatic firearm in every residence and we know there are several convicted felons and converts to Islam living within these compounds. The math sure seems simple to me. Convicted felons+illegally possessed firearms+radical ideology=bad news for people in this country.

Still not convinced we have some real issues here? Then maybe you haven’t heard of 12 year veteran Philadelphia police officer Stephen Liczbinski who was killed last May when he came face to face with burqa wearing male Muslim converts who just robbed a bank.

Phillymag.com told the story of what happened that day,

Last May, Philadelphians were stunned when police officer Stephen Liczbinski was shot in cold blood during an altercation with burqa-wearing robbers. But that murder, and other recent violent acts in the city, has its roots in a form of Islam being taught in our prisons — and being funded by Middle Eastern extremists.

ONE MORNING THIS past May, three men sat in a Jeep outside a Port Richmond bank and put on new identities.

To Western eyes, two of them became hijabi — Muslim women who cover themselves — by pulling on full-length black burqas. They became, in a sense, invisible. The bank sat inside a busy supermarket, where shoppers would surely notice the two monoliths moving among them; but just as surely, those shoppers would pass by with eyes cast down, or aside, or beyond. They may be drawn for a moment by the sheer otherness of the hijabi, but would dependably look away with a twinge of awkward guilt for having noticed.

The men — Howard Cain, Levon Warner and Eric Floyd — were themselves Muslim, and knew to expect this reaction. Counted on it. Wagered their freedom on it, as they stopped their vehicle in the fire zone outside the market’s door and turned on the hazard blinkers. They climbed out of their dark blue Jeep Liberty and approached the bank. They hadn’t put on mere masks. They had put on entire hemispheres.

Inside the market, two of them — Cain and Warner, who wore a dreadlocked wig — walked straight to the bank, according to police. The third man, Floyd, carried a cardboard box that police say held a Chinese SKS military-style rifle. He set it inside a shopping cart and moved to the store’s adjacent produce section to wait.

Inside the bank, Cain pushed a female supervisor to the floor. He and Warner allegedly stole about $40,000 and headed toward the market’s exit along with Floyd.

In the meantime, the supermarket’s manager realized a robbery was happening, although he hadn’t seen it himself. He picked up his cell phone and dialed 911 as he, too, moved toward the exit. So complete were the robbers’ identities — so perfect their invisibility — that the store’s security cameras recorded the manager as he talked to an emergency dispatcher, and walked out between two of the disguised figures.

The robbers climbed into their Jeep and sped away, not knowing that after turning just a few corners they would encounter police sergeant Stephen Liczbinski in his patrol car. What followed was a clash not only of cops and robbers, or even good men and bad, but of two distinct societies.

The confrontation would reveal something dark at the heart of Philadelphia: a prevalent but scarcely mentioned brand of radical Islam that has appeared almost unremarked upon — like the misused burqas that day, present but so uncomfortable to examine fully — in several of the city’s worst modern moments. And which has, over recent decades, entwined the city from its lowest streets to the pinnacle of public power.

The cost of averting society’s collective gaze, as illustrated by what happened next, can be deadly.

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What a perfect way to pull a bank heist. Dress up in a garment that makes one completely unidentifiable knowing full well political correctness will force people to look away as the bank gets robbed right under their noses. What is a bank employee to do when someone walks through the door covered head to toe in such an unusual (in our society) garment?

What is anyone to do anywhere in this country if they suspect something isn’t quite right when faced with a situation like this? Will political correctness leap into play or will self preservation against potential life threatening circumstances take priority?

While there are some that like to go around playing games with this issue of Muslims interacting in our open and trusting society many simply do not believe Islam is anything close to a religion of peace and in fact are convinced of just the opposite.

Is it possible that those with the power and in fact the duty to prevent it, will simply allow attacks to occur on our soil to push forward some political agenda? To this day this is precisely what many feel happened with the 9-11 atrocity (I’m not convinced of this…-ed) thinking the George W. Bush administration allowed the World Trade Center attack to take place so the president could whip up enough support for the war in Iraq, a false flag event if you will.

A Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the FBI, for instance, continues to investigate a group in Minneapolis after one young man last fall flew to Somalia and became what authorities believe to be the first U.S. citizen to carry out a suicide bombing. As many as a half-dozen other youths from that community in Minnesota have vanished, alarming their parents and raising concerns among law enforcement officials that a dangerous recruiting network has operated under the radar.

“The prospect of young men, indoctrinated and radicalized in their own communities . . . is a perversion of the immigrant story,” FBI Director Mueller said.

It may be a perversion Director Mueller but the fact of the matter is it’s reality and we need to do something about it before thousands more innocent American lives are lost in some gruesome manner at the hands of some maniacal religious fanatics.

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