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Oakland CA Bus Ride Fight Has Unexpected Outcome

“….beat his white ass!!” Well maybe not. Seems a 67 year old caucasian senior citizen and a young black man where sitting across from one another while riding on a bus Tuesday afternoon in sunny Oakland CA when they struck up a conversation. It didn’t take long for the chat to head south as a […]

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Democrat Senator Ben Nelson's New Campaign Strategy: Show Me The Money Baby!

You may recall Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson provided the controversial and critical 60th vote in December to pass ObamaCare in exchange for a sweet deal from Senate Leader and Democrat Harry Reid. That deal? The state of Nebraska would never have to pay it’s share of the increased Medicaid costs in the bill that […]

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Rush Limbaugh: Hey Obama, Karl Marx And Saul Alinsky Are NOT Our Founding Fathers

I fully realize Rush Limbaugh gets the panties of virtually all liberals in such a knot that they literally self asphyxiate but he just couldn’t help himself today as he takes a few moments out of his busy schedule to give Barack a little fatherly ♥ to ♥. So, let the unconsciousness begin…. …you have […]

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Supreme Court Justice Alito Responds To Obama Diss: "Not True!" Updated: 1-28-10

Last Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that domestic corporations have the right to participate in our elections just like the rest of American citizens and that decision didn’t sit too well within the Obama White House already reeling from a series of humiliating political setbacks in recent months. Odd that Obama would be […]

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Jon Stewart Slaps Obama Over Use Of Teleprompters In Sixth Grade Classroom

While many in the conservative blogosphere jumped all over this occasion to hammer Obama for using teleprompters while yapping with sixth grade kids in their classroom, reality tells us that he and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan had actually sat down with the students and their teacher at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, […]

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How Can You NOT Like Guns?

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ZoNation: The Liberal Healthcare Reform BS Will Not Be Televised

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Dr. James David Manning Connects The Saudi, Barack Hussein Obama Dots

According to pastor Dr. James David Manning: The Saudis bought the 2008 election for Obama. The Saudis, with the assistance of Khalid al-Mansour and Percy Sutton, donated millions to Columbia University. Columbia University covered for Obama while he was actually in Pakistan and Afghanistan instead of in the classroom. Columbia University gave Obama an unearned […]

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Ray Stevens–We The People–Takes On ObamaCare

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If Only Jack Webb Really Had The Chance To Rip Obama A New One

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