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Keith Olbermann, Your Stupid Show Really Does Suck. Deal With It

Something tells me the delusional Keith Olbermann has been spending way too much time hanging around the White House lunching with the fibber-in-chief. Now why would I say that? Well let’s follow along as he shows everyone just how much he has learned from the best as he demonstrates his complete detachment from reality and […]

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Barack Hussein Obama's Campaign Manager Couldn't Be More Pathetic

David Plouffe, the man who helped create and present to America one of the biggest frauds we may ever see in our lifetime, Barack Hussein Obama, is apparently broke on his ass. I mean, why else would he be webcamming a whining plea from inside of some low rent budget hotel room trying to desperately […]

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CBS Network News Executive Slams The Insidious PC Attitude In America

Bill Cathcart, Vice President and General Manager for CBS affiliate WTOC in Savannah Georgia has had enough folks. In this three minute long scathing indictment against the pervasive political correctness that has permeated every crevice of our society, Cathcart really brings the issue home when he forcefully addresses the terrorist attack on helpless unarmed soldiers […]

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Left Wingers At Microsoft Acknowledge 9/11–Left Wingers At Google Not So Much

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Dan Rather Begs For Obama To Save The Mainstream News Media

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has spoken out and pleaded with Barack Obama to do something soon to bail out the “news media” before she goes tango uniform and “democracy” as we know it in this country is lost forever. What a laugh huh? Yes this would be the same Dan Rather who […]

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Publisher Of The Las Vegas Review Journal Has Had Enough Of Obama

Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal and president of Stephens Media has officially run his once highly prized Barack Obama Fan Club membership card right through his fancy pants office shredder and moved on over to the other side of the aisle. The Review Journal recently made national news when it was […]

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