Sarah Palin Punts Pay Bump Meanwhile U. S. Congressional Members Will Bank Extra $4,700 Come January


The Alaska State Officers Compensation Commission has recommended raises for many state office holders including Governor Sarah Palin. The proposed increase would raise the governor’s salary from $125,000 a year to $150,000. reports,

Palin spokesman Bill McAllister said Wednesday that if the Legislature submits legislation for a raise, Palin will not accept the money.

Instead, if the raise is approved, she will subtract the difference from her current salary and donate it to charity or find a way to redirect the funds for the benefit of others, McAllister said.

Of course the liberal pinheads will call this a political stunt apparently ignorant to the fact she is not running for any office and still retains one of the highest if not the highest governor approval ratings in the nation. Mean while their guy in Illinois, Blagojevich, is still twisting in the wind over his federal corruption complain, their guy in New York just jacked taxes through the roof, their gal in Michigan has an unemployment rate damn near 50% higher than the national average, their guy in California has screwed that place up so bad they may never get out of the hole (yes I will call Schwarzenegger a liberal…he blames Republicans for CA’s financial mess when it is clearly the fault of the majority Democrats and has been for years and he thinks the gay rights supporters should take their case to the Supreme Court since they failed at the ballot box yet again. This guy is a Republican like Michael Bloomberg is a Republican….NOT!) and so on and on and on.

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Meanwhile Alaska continues to have a healthy economy with no state income tax, a budget surplus and revenue checks in the mail every year for the residents to the tune of some $3000.

While Sarah Palin, who is actually doing a remarkable job for the citizens of her state, refuses to take a well earned raise this would be a good time to remind everyone that our single digit approval rated U.S. Congress is almost due for it’s annual raise equaling $4,700 come January. This would bring their well un-earned salary up to a whooping $174,000 with the raise costing the taxpayers more than $2.5 million next year. Keep in mind the citizens of this country did not vote to allow them this raise they simply voted for it themselves. Nice gig if you can get it.

Meanwhile these clowns that have run our economy into the freakin’ ground have the audacity to chastise business leaders, who’s enterprises are having difficulty precisely because of decades of Congressional interference, telling them they should be taking pay cuts or better yet get canned due to their lousy performance. Ain’t that rich.

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