Shovel Ready Projects Submitted Come to 22 Billion Dollars–47,470 Jobs….In Puerto Rico??


I spent an hour or so today looking through the wish list (PDF) of all these so called shovel ready projects submitted by state and city politicians as part of this stimulus bill nonsense being hashed out on Capitol Hill. The thought process behind this idea was to give these state and local officials an opportunity to make a case for their slice of the money pie by estimating the cost of each project and the number of jobs they would supposedly create.

We have heard of many of these items on the wish list such as dog parks, a frisbee park, golf courses, office complexes, solar water heaters, mass transit, a Latino center, airport terminals, road and bridge/overpass projects, construction of homes for first time home buyers, doorbells (honest!), software licensing and one of the most ridiculous, 600 million dollars for:

Forks of the Road Heritage Trail. This project would greatly enhance one of the primary gateways to our city by creating an African American/Ethnic Heritage Trail along a stretch of St. Catherine Street between the Forks of the Road Slave Market Site in Natchez, MS.

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Reading through the document it appeared that some things being asked for were in fact probably worthy items that many communities would enjoy and benefit from having if the financial position of their states, counties and cities were in much better shape. Unfortunately times are pretty tough and the idea (read– big fib) behind this stimulus bill Obamanation was supposedly focused on the federal government immediately creating jobs.

Stupid idea from stupid people and the citizens of this country that are going to be carrying this monkey on their backs for the rest of their lives are livid, knowing full well this is nothing more than a humongous Democrat spending bill, paying off supporters, funding left wing operatives, screwing around with our health care and no doubt a ton of other crap that hasn’t quite leaked out to the populous yet.

As I was yawning through the PDF I came across something that was interesting, this long list.


What made this list interesting is the fact that it addresses the wishes and or needs not of any state or city in America but of the country of Puerto Rico.

Though Puerto Ricans are considered U.S. citizens the major differences between Puerto Rico and the 50 states are exemption from many aspects of the Internal Revenue Code, its lack of voting representation in either house of the U.S. Congress, the ineligibility of Puerto Ricans to vote in presidential elections, and its lack of assignation of some revenues reserved for the states.

That said somebody really went to bat for the good citizens of the island. In fact someone really went to bat, to the tune of some $22,191,873,785 with a projected 47,470 jobs created at a cost of $467,492 per position. Yeeeowser!

While all the entities that submitted figures for the stimulus bill would love to see everything receive the full funding requested it isn’t going to happen so who knows what the total will eventually turn out to be for the Puerto Ricans but whatever it is has to be one heckuva a deal. Pay no taxes yet get taxpayer money. Sounds just like the mainland huh?.

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