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European Union Parliament, Several Countries, See Conservatives Sweeping Into Power

It appears the Europeans have had enough of political correctness, unrestrained immigration insanity and socialism in general and are replacing the leftist governments in many countries and flooding the European Union Parliament with conservatives. Rightly blaming the leftist politicians for the economic and social messes within their countries most voters are indicating through early reports […]

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Round Two, French President Sarkozy Unloads On Obama, Again

French President Nicolas Sarkozy unloads round two at Barack Hussein Obama saying his ideas are “unoriginal, unsubstantial and overrated.” While it seems there may be a smidgen of jealousy involved here what with the slobbering drooling media over everything “Obama” I suspect there is a great deal of guffawing going on among the European leaders […]

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French Leader Tells President Obama To Back Off

French President Sarkozy tells Apologizer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama to mind his damn own business when it comes to which country is allowed into the European Union and which ones aren’t…

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What Does London Not Want Us To See?

London is poised to shut down all of their brand spanking new mobile CCTV cameras in central London just before the G-20 summit is to begin due to what is described as an illegality with the units…

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Italy And England, Two Different Approaches To Muslim Immigrants.

One European country clearly gets it while another continues to slide backwards into oblivion. Andrea Ronchi, Italy’s Minister of Department for European Community Policies says those who decide to immigrate into his country will either assimilate into Italian society and culture or they can buy a bus ticket and find some other place to call home. Meanwhile over in Great Britain 44% of the Muslims (notice I didn’t say radical Islamics) say they would prefer to have separate communities and would rather NOT integrate into British society and culture…

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British Police Turn Tail And Run From Islamic Protesters

Proof positive you cannot depend on the cops for self preservation. In an unbelievable display of cowardice and unprofessionalism British police are shoved back on their heels and literally run backwards down a “protest” route by Islamic thugs and their supporters. This is a country has bent over backwards to accommodate these people to the point of rewriting children’s school books so as to not offend the Muslims and look where it has gotten them.

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