French Leader Tells President Obama To Back Off



French President Sarkozy tells Apologizer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama to mind his own damn business when it comes to which country is allowed into the European Union and which ones aren’t and right now the Muslim country of Turkey will not be part of the club regardless of what Obama has to say about it.

I would have to guess that Sarkozy had more than enough time during the G-20 to see what an empty suit Obama really is and is in no mood to take any guff from someone who’s entire resume and work experience history could fit, double spaced, on half a post it note.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has warned Barack Obama to keep his nose out of the European Union’s relationship with Turkey.

Mr Obama, who is visiting the country as part of a whirlwind eight-day international trip, had suggested that Turkey be allowed to join the European Union.

But the French President said the issue was one for Europe to decide, not Washington.

Mr Obama is using his two-day visit to seek out greater stability to the Middle East and to open up fresh ties with Turkey.

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