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Democrats Thought It Was Patriotic To Protest And Equate Bush With Hitler

But these days all we hear about is how violent, scary and threatening the Tea Party folks are. Three liberal groups will drop off a petition at the Republican National Committee’s headquarters Thursday, urging conservative leaders to “take responsibility” for threats and incidents of vandalism against Democrats. The event is being organized by the Brave […]

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Evidently Obama Believes Haiti Is One Of Those 57 American States

During the recent interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier Barack Obama claimed the healthcare reform scandal referred to as the “Louisiana Purchase” would help states like Hawaii which “had an earthquake.” Really he did. After that interesting “observation” one must wonder just how many truly devastating natural disasters have hit other states in the union […]

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Republican Congresswoman Will Limit Her Census Response To Number In Household

Update 3-17-10. BE SURE to check out the video posted near the end of this article for an interesting piece of advice from the one and only Walter E. Williams when it comes to answering questions on a census form beyond the number of people in your household. Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann declared, during […]

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A Quick Fix For The Bushnell Laser Boresighter Model 74-0100C

I recently purchased a new scope for my and wanted to get it zeroed in soon after it was installed. Years ago I picked up a rather inexpensive unit from Bushnell, part number 74-0100C, but the thing just never worked quite the way I wanted it to. It has a very flimsy on-off switch that makes it very frustrating to use…

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