So Would Your Answer Be YES Or Would it Be NO Mr Obama?

Is it really that difficult for Obama to answer a simple question without it scrolling across a teleprompter screen? The query was presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. If an attack was imminent would Obama do whatever was necessary to protect the American public?

Considering a terrorist attack, whether perpetrated as a false flag event by elements within the government or the real thing launched by terrorists already well established in this country, the bottom line is it must have the biggest bang for the buck to have any kind of dramatic impact and that means large population centers are at the greatest risk. Generally speaking you will find mostly Democrat voters living in the densely populated urban areas of the country which means these folks are the ones that will likely suffer the most from the next and inevitable attack on American soil.


It seems to me these folks would be very interested if Obama would indeed do whatever it takes to ensure their safety and security considering it’s their very lives at stake. Meanwhile the president dances around behind the podium unwilling to let go of this “torture” nonsense which is nothing more than a political tool, brought about by George Soros, clearly designed to negatively affect the Republicans in the 2010 elections.

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