Poll Reveals Republicans Lead Democrats In Generic Congressional Ballot


You won’t hear about this on the Obama slobbering lapdog msnbc, cnn or any of the left wing alphabets.

We’ll see if Fox News bothers to bring it up.

For only the second time in the last five years Republicans top Democrats in a Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot poll. Considering the mainstream media has done nothing but hammer George W. Bush and the Republican Party on a daily basis for years while taking great pains to hide the fact Democrats have been running the show in Congress since 2006, right around the time the economy started taking a nasty “George Soros” by the way, this is truly amazing.

Or is it? We keep hearing about these ridiculous polling numbers in the high 60s and even laughably into the low 70s from the likes of the hard left New York Times, a publication that is swirling the toilet bowl about to be flushed away to that overflowing septic system of liberal “journalism.” Reality seems to indicate barely half the nation approves of the “job” the president is doing despite the continuing and desperate attempt by the media that created this phony messiah persona out of a completely obscure unknown backbencher done-nothing-accomplished-nothing junior Senator dredged from the corrupt stench of the infamous Chicago political sewer.

The fact is ever since Obama took office his polling numbers have continued to drop like a rock as people have seen nothing but a further and very rapid deterioration of their financial situation despite Obama running on a bogus platform of being some kind of economic genius who could turn the manufactured financial crisis in this country around with a snap of his fingers. (This would be the same guy who was living beyond his means on lines of credit until his wife’s miraculous six digit salary and those book royalties started rolling in.)


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While he constantly whines about the deficit he “inherited” let’s not forget who voted for all that spending under Bush and that would be Democrats, like Obama. Without approval from Congress Bush could not have spent a dime…that’s a fact, and we know the Democrats have run Congress for the last two and a half years now don’t we.?

Obama’s solution to this “inherited” deficit he cries about all the time? Spend four times more that what the Bush administration and Democrat led Congress left behind and in a record two months! Keep in mind the Democrats in Congress were just chomping on the bit waiting for the opportunity to gain complete control of the federal government and blast the federal budget completely out of the water.

For just the second time in more than five years of daily or weekly tracking, Republicans now lead Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 41% would vote for their district’s Republican candidate while 38% would choose the Democrat. Thirty-one percent (31%) of conservative Democrats said they would vote for their district’s Republican candidate. Overall, the GOP gained two points this week, while the Democrats lost a point in support. Still, it’s important to note that the GOP’s improved position comes primarily from falling Democratic support. Democrats are currently at their lowest level of support in the past year while Republicans are at the high water mark.

The rest of this Rasmussen report can be read here>>>

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