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Hillary Clinton Ready To Abandon The U.S.S Obamatanic?

The Weekly Standard.com is floating the possibility that Hillary Clinton is considering giving up her Secretary of State position and jump the hell off the U.S.S Obamatanic and run for governor of New York. Considering most of Obama’s cabinet positions appear to be nothing more than symbolic due to the fact he has some 33 […]

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Joe Biden Blows Swearing In Of Secretary Of State After Ragging Chief Justice Roberts For His Flub

Joe Biden, the walking talking sayer of stupid stuff machine, mocks Chief Justice Roberts and his flubbing of Obama’s initial oath of office then promptly turns around, true to character, and screws up the oath of office with the whole Clinton clan….genius!

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Obama Says America's World "Image" Is More Important Than The Security Of Her Citizens While Bringing Tax Cheats, Other Questionable People Into Administration

Elections have consequences and we will surely pay for the one we just had, every time we turn around, for the next four years. Stupid, naive and dangerous can be the only way to describe Mr. Obama as he proclaimed that the safety and security of the American citizens comes second, essentially, to perceptions of the world towards our country and of course his own deeply held beliefs…

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Too Slow Joe. Biden Tells Wife To Shush Up On Oprah Show But He's A Little Too Late

Joe Biden was just a little too slow on clamping the muzzle over his wife Jill’s mouth during their recorded guest appearance on a recent Oprah Winfrey show. In a statement that is sure to *cough* please Hillary Clinton, who many felt should have been asked to be Obama’s vice president on her strength of some 18 million primary votes, Jill Biden blurts out the fact that hubby Joe actually had his pick between Secretary of State and the veep slot.

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Obama Chooses Hillary Clinton (and Bill) As His Secretary Of State.

11-17-08 I wonder if this could be the beginning of the end….of her political career? Word has it that she is probably willing to accept an offer from Obama to become the Secretary of State in his administration. Did I just say “his?” Let’s put it this way, it would be like comin’ home for […]

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