House Cap And Trade Vote Was Not Even Close To Being "Close"

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What a load of nonsense all this news reporting saying the House vote on the cap and trade bill, which passed by a 219-212 tally last Friday, was a real squeaker. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How could a single member of the House justify their having voted yea on this thing when we know not one of them had read the 1500 page monstrosity? They couldn’t have, they only got a portion of the bill some 24 hours before Nancy Pelosi forced a vote and on top of that the Democrats deliberately dropped a 3 am, additional 300 page turd into the mix. Even after that sleazy Democrat trick this alien looking freak Henry Waxman (D-CA) was hoping to shut the Republicans down and get the legislation rammed through with as little debate as possible.

What the hell is going on in this country when our elected representatives can’t even get their hands on a final official copy of a 1500 page bill, that they have all of five hours to digest, on the floor of the House before they vote on it?

By the way that pompous nitwit playing madam Speaker, clearly and deliberately running interference every time she was asked a simple question by Representative Gohmert, is former CA Democrat Rep. Ellen Tauscher who the Democrats made sure didn’t leave the House until just after this vote–even though she was already confirmed as Obama’s new undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

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When I this suggest the cap and trade vote really wasn’t that close, considering the final number, what I’m getting at is there was all kinds of shady deal making and aggressive arm twisting behind the scenes that many people are completely unaware of.

Well before House members cast their votes, Pelosi knows exactly who is supporting the legislation and who isn’t and what her numbers are going to be. From there she and Obama, desperate to try and make these disastrous bills coming out of the House appear to be “bi-partisan,” first began leaning hard on certain Democrat members who were on the bubble over this 1500 page piece of garbage.

For example, taking a small snippet from a article,

Mindful of the stakes, Obama deployed Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, top climate change adviser Carol Browner and several Cabinet officials and key staff to lobby on-the-fence lawmakers on Thursday – in phone calls, face-to-face meetings and a long-scheduled congressional luau at the White House.

The president made several phone calls to undecided members himself. He appealed to others in a quick afternoon speech in the Rose Garden.

A presidential phone call helped to win at least one vote: Rep. Debbie Halvorson, D-Ill., a freshman from a suburban and rural district – and former Illinois State Senate colleague of Obama’s – who said in an interview Thursday evening that after months of indecision, she now “feels great” about the bill.

“I think it’s something that I’m going to support,” Halvorson said. “It’s taken me a long time. It’s a thousand-page bill. It has a lot of amendments. I wanted to read it, take my time.” Later, she added: “I had a nice chat with the president this morning.”

This would be the same Democrat Rep. Halvorson who said she would have no problem standing up to Obama and voting no if push came to shove when she was talking to constituents. At least it’s good to know this clown has aspirations to some day get around to reading the actual bill, after she was convinced to change her mind and vote yea of course.

For the bi-partisan part of the scam Obama and Pelosi targeted a select narrow group of Republicans offering them any number of incentives to walk over to the dark side on this bill.

So who were these RINOs?

Mary Bono Mack from CA, Mike Castle from DE, Mark Kirk from IL, Leonard Lance from NJ, Frank LoBiondo from NJ, Chris Smith from NJ, John McHugh from NY, and Dave Reichert WA. See a pattern here? Sure ya do, they all come from heavily left wing states. Wouldn’t it be great to have been able to listen in on the phone calls made to these RINOs? I can just imagine what kinds of deals were cut to get their votes.

Once Obama and Pelosi secured the minimum 218 votes, enough to get this pig bounced up to the Senate, they were then able to start allowing certain Democrats, who they considered to be especially vulnerable in 2010 reelection campaigns, to cast a no vote so as to appear to have stood up against this bill when they go home and face the seriously pissed off people within their districts. I would bet anyone a very large beer there wasn’t a single Democrat who voted no on this cap and trade garbage without the express permission of Dear Leader Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yeah that’s the way our government is supposed to work.

Interestingly I caught a radio interview with Michele Bachmann (R-MN) yesterday and she stated calls from constituents coming into the U.S. Capitol before the vote were running 20 to 1 against the legislation, the same thing that happened when the bogus “stimulus” bill was being considered, yet the people we send to Washington D.C. to represent us couldn’t care less what the people of this country have to say.

That said once we get a chance to dig into this legislation, which even Obama admits will cause electricity rates to skyrocket, I’m confident we’ll discover the same thing we did with the stimulus bill. It is nothing but yet another rip off of American citizens and transfer of wealth out of this country by the George Soros/David Rockerfeller Sr./Maurice Strong cabal using Barack Hussein Obama as their mouthpiece/salesman with the assistance of the Democrat idiots in Congress and the gullible morons in the populous who have swallowed this climate change nonsense hook line and sinker.

Many who have suddenly found religion in this climate change farce insist “that scientists have come to a consensus and the debate is over” conveniently leaving out that most of these scientist know damn well that if they don’t toe the climate change party line, government and private entities with an agenda will simply cut off funding leaving them out of a job. These dolts also conveniently forget that there are at the very least hundreds of scientists (some claim thousands) who refuse to go along with the politically correct notion of this man made climate change crap.

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