Obama Appoints A U.S. Ambassador To "The Muslim World"

I’m not sure just where the so called “Muslim World” is but evidently we now have our very first ambassador to that “place.”

The US State Department has appointed its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Farah Pandith would play a leading role in US efforts to “engage Muslims around the world”.

She said Ms Pandith, who was born in Indian-administered Kashmir, would bring years of experience to the role.

The appointment is part of President Barack Obama’s attempts to improve relations with the Muslim world.

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Improve relations with the “Muslim World” huh?

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I wonder if Obama is talking about this Muslim World??

An Islamic court in Somalia on Thursday cut off a hand and foot from each of four men convicted of stealing phones and guns, drawing hundreds of onlookers as the weeping men were punished at a military camp.

The Shariah court that carried out the sentences is run by the powerful insurgent group al-Shabab, which is trying to topple Somalia’s U.N.-backed government and install a strict form of Islam.

“The men were bleeding and crying when the man cut their hands and feet off with a long knife,” said one witness, Liban Ali. Journalists were not allowed to cover the sentencing. The four were convicted earlier this week in the capital, Mogadishu.

Source: msnbc

Iranians wounded during protests are being seized at hospitals by members of an Islamic militia, an Amnesty International official told CNN.

“The Basijis are waiting for them,” said Banafsheh Akhlaghi, western regional director of the human rights group, referring to the government’s paramilitary arm that has cracked down on protesters during the violent aftermath of the June 12 presidential election.

Amnesty International has collected accounts from people who have left Iran and expatriates with relatives there who say the Basij has prohibited medical professionals from getting identification information from wounded demonstrators who check in, Akhlaghi said on Saturday. They are also not allowed to ask how the injuries happened, and relatives are hard pressed to find the wounded.

Once the patients are treated, the militia removes them from the hospital to an undisclosed location, she said.

Source: CNN

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility for this week’s murder of an American teacher in the Mauritanian capital, US-based monitoring group SITE Intelligence said on Friday.

“Knights of the Islamic Maghreb, acting within one of the organisation’s brigades in Mauritania, struck the American infidel, Christopher Langis, known for his missionary activities,” Al-Qaeda said on Islamist websites.

“With grace from Allah, we were able to assassinate him, kill him, and purify the land of Mauritania from his criminal presence,” SITE quoted the statement as saying.

“May Allah bless these knights who are loyal to their Ummah (Islamic nation) and religion, who take vengeance for their innocent brothers, and who stand in the way of the crime of missionary in the land of Muslims.”

Al-Qaeda said Tuesday’s killing in Nouakchott was carried out at a time that “the despicable American bombs harvest our innocent Muslim brothers in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

The man was shot several times in the head from close range after he resisted an apparent kidnap attempt, a witness told AFP, after the shooting outside a private language and computer school run by the American.

Source: Khaleejtimes

A senior Iranian cleric called on the judiciary Friday to impose death sentences on the leaders of the recent protests against alleged fraud in the June 12 presidential election.

“I call on the judiciary for a decisive confrontation with the leaders of these illegal demonstrations and ask for capital punishment against them without any mercy,” Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, who is close to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said at Friday prayers.

Iran has seen numerous street demonstrations since Ahmadinejad was declared the winner of the election by an unexpectedly large margin.

The ayatollah, one of the top figures in the radical wing of Iran’s establishment, said that, according to Islamic law, anybody attacking the leadership has to face capital punishment.

Source: monstersandcritics.com

A 45-year-old Turkish man has admitted stabbing his 15-year-old daughter to death because she did not follow Islamic customs, German police said on Thursday.

The man, a kebab shop owner in Schweinfurt, southern Germany, stabbed the teen several times with a kitchen knife as she lay sleeping on her grandmother’s couch in what police said was a premeditated act.

“As a motive for the terrible crime, the 45-year-old admitted that he had problems with the fact that his daughter did not want to follow the Muslim way,” police said in a statement.

Source: iol.co.za

Militants blew up a girls’ school in a restive Pakistani tribal region where a full-scale army offensive is expected against Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud, officials said.

The incident came three days after rebels bombed two other schools, one in the northwestern city of Peshawar and the other in Bajaur tribal region.

“A girls’ high school was blown up early Thursday morning in Shin Warsak town,” 13 kilometres (eight miles) west of Wana, the main town in South Waziristan tribal region, local government official Allah Bagh Khan said.

He added that there was no loss of life in the explosion but it completely destroyed the school building.

Militants have destroyed hundreds of schools, mostly for girls, in Pakistan’s northwest and its troubled tribal regions during the past couple of years.

At least 200 girls’ schools in the scenic northwest Swat valley were bombed during a two-year Taliban campaign to enforce sharia law.

Source: yahoo

In video footage that will remain etched on memories for a long time to come, Israeli TV broadcast the lynching of Israeli soldiers by a furious Palestinian mob in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

The film, shot by an Italian television crew, showed dozens of enraged Palestinians storming the police station where the soldiers were being held after they had been captured by Palestinian police.

Gruesome scenes were visible through an open window as the mob savagely beat and stabbed two or possibly three of the soldiers to death.

Then a body was thrown from an upstairs window. The frenzied crowd clapped and cheered as more blows were rained down on the lifeless figure by the crowd outside.

Source: BBC

Security forces wielding clubs and firing weapons beat back hundreds of would-be demonstrators who had flocked to a square in the capital on Wednesday to continue protests against an election they have denounced as fraudulent, witnesses told CNN.

“They were waiting for us,” one source said. “They all have guns and riot uniforms. It was like a mouse trap.”

Another witness told CNN that hundreds of people were chased by security forces and clubbed about a mile from the square.

They were among the more than half a dozen witnesses who told CNN that security forces outnumbering protesters used overwhelming force to crush a planned demonstration in Baharestan Square, in front of the parliament building. The witnesses said police charged against the demonstrators, striking them with batons, beating women and old men and firing weapons into the air in order to disperse them.

Source: CNN

A young man from Pakistan was beaten by his co-workers after they learned that he was a Christian.

Fourteen-year-old Arfan Sohail had been working at a small general store in Lahore for only two weeks. The owner of the store – who knew of Arfan’s faith – was not present when an argument started between Arfan and his coworkers about the United States and Pakistan.

While arguing, Arfan said that Pakistan had several strategic weaknesses, even though several countries, such as the U.S., were providing support with money and equipment.

His co-workers, Muhammad Bismillah Khan and Muhammad Shahzad Khan, argued that the U.S. was weakening Pakistan and is an enemy.

Arfan countered by explaining that the U.S. is Pakistan’s “sincere friend,” and “has always helped us.”

This angered Bismillah and Shahzad, who accused him of “defending America” and “speaking against Islam,” and then asked him if he was a Christian.

“Yes,” Arfan responded.

Enraged, they brutally beat Arfan, dragged him out of the store and left him in the street. Arfan was taken to a hospital and is now recovering at home. After visiting Arfan at the hospital, ICC’s correspondent remarked, “The physical wounds have caused him deep emotional distress.”

Arfan has not informed the police about the attack because Muhammad Bismillah Khan and Muhammad Shahzad Khan threatened to kill him and his family if the authorities were told.

Jeremy Sewall, ICC’s Advocacy Director, said, “This is an outrageous example of the discrimination Christians face every day in Pakistan. The fact that a Christian could be beaten simply for acknowledging his faith shows that the Pakistani government is not doing enough to uphold its international commitment to freedom of religion. Please pray for this young man, that he recovers quickly from his emotional and physical wounds.”

Source: persecution.org

Taliban on Tuesday amputated the hands of a man in Orakzai Agency in compliance with a punishment ordered by a “Taliban court” on charges of theft, locals said. Locals told Daily Times that the “court” in the Mamuzai area ordered the hands of Najibullah to be amputated. The punishment was carried out in the presence of several tribesmen.

Source: dailytimes.com

A Jordanian court of first instance has sentenced a poet for one year in jail after finding him guilty of ‘slandering’ Islam, judicial sources said Monday.

The tribunal also fined poet Islam Samhan 10,000 dinars (14,000 dollars), in the case that was filed in October last year by the Printing and Publication Department.

The Department accused Samhan of using sentences and quotations from the holy Koran in such a manner that involved an ‘insult of prophets and religious sentiments.’

Samhan, 27, denied the charges, saying the verdict was designed to ‘please religious circles.’ His lawyer, Khair Hourani, said the ruling was ‘not founded on sound legal bases’ and that he intended to appeal it.

Source: monstersandcritics.com

If it were in a position to do so, Al Qaeda would use Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in its fight against the United States, a top leader of the group said in remarks aired on Sunday.

Pakistan has been battling al Qaeda’s Taliban allies in the Swat Valley since April after their thrust into a district 100 km (60 miles) northwest of the capital raised fears the nuclear-armed country could slowly slip into militant hands.

“God willing, the nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of the Americans and the mujahideen would take them and use them against the Americans,” Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, the leader of al Qaeda’s in Afghanistan, said in an interview with Al Jazeera television.

Source: Reuters

A BRITISH engineer kidnapped in Yemen by armed killers was part of an evangelical group that may have been targeted as an act of revenge for its attempts to convert local Muslims to Christianity.

His captors have already killed three women members of the group and abducted a married couple and their three young children.

Yesterday, as his wife clung to the hope that he was alive, it was reported that two of the dead women – Anita Gruenwald, 24, and Rita Stumpp, 26, both German nurses – had “missionary materials” in their belongings when their bodies were found. Young-Sun Lum, 34, a South Korean teacher who called herself Magdalena after Jesus’s disciple, was the other victim.

They had been warned to stop trying to convert Muslims, according to German investigators. Mullahs had spoken out against their missionary activities and their books on Christianity had been confiscated.

Source: Times Online

The fate of three of nine foreigners abducted in Yemen last week is known — their bodies were found, shot execution style. The whereabouts of the other six — including three children under the age of 6 — remain a mystery.

But terrorism experts say their abductors and killers are almost certainly not a mystery. They say the crimes bear the mark of Al Qaeda, and they fear they are the handiwork of the international terror organization’s No. 2 man in the Arabian Peninsula: Said Ali al-Shihri, an Islamic extremist who once was in American custody — but who was released from the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Source: Fox News

I hope someone in the Obama administration gets around to telling us just what the point is of this “Muslim World” ambassadorship other than preparing the American people for getting overrun by the so called religion of peace in this country.

It is important to note that “if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”.

So says President Barack Obama. Or I should say: Barack Hussein Obama.

That’s right: Barack Hussein Obama. Say it proud. Say it out loud. The middle moniker that dared not speak its name during the election campaign is now front and centre of the US president’s attempt to woo the Muslim world, the theme of his visits to Riyadh on Wednesday and Cairo on Thursday.

Petrified of the potential political fallout of being branded a Muslim, Candidate Obama – a practicing Christian – never used the name “Hussein” and its use was frowned upon as a forbidden code for the nutty accusation that he was some kind of Islamic Manchurian candidate.

No more. To say Barack Hussein Obama – BHO for short – now appears to be the height of political correctness.

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