Who In The Hell Are Obama And Hillary To Threaten The Hondurans?

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Hillary Clinton, surely on orders from the Obama White House, telephoned the newly sworn in president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletto, from India yesterday and threatened to withhold tens of millions in U.S. aid while demanding deposed former president Manuel Zelaya, who’s approval rating in the country was right around 25% at the end of 2008, be immediately reinstated to his former leadership role.

The end of June found a middle of the night change of leadership in Honduras that at first blush may have appeared to be a military coup. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike the current administration in the United States the Hondurans take their latest Constitution, adopted in 1982, literally and seriously.

Zelaya, after a close victory in the November 2005 election. assumed the presidency on January 27, 2006 well aware of his country’s Constitutional mandate that the president of Honduras will only serve a single four year term without the possibility of reelection. Out of 375 articles this specific article in the Honduran Constitution about the number of years the president will be allowed to serve is one of only eight that cannot ever be altered or amended. The Honduran Constitution also has some pretty serious consequences for anyone who even thinks about screwing around with the one term, four year limitation on the office of the presidency and this is where Zelaya appears to have made his major mistake.

In November of 2008 Zelaya first brought up the taboo topic of adding a fourth ballot box at polling places (Honduran voting booths presently contain three ballot boxes: one to vote for the president, one for congressional members and one for local mayoral candidates) for the November 2009 election to determine whether or not citizens wanted to form a National Constituent Assembly for the purpose of drafting a new constitution which would allow him to run for reelection.

On June 26th, just prior to his forced removal from his bed in the middle of the night and subsequently from the country by the military on orders from the Supreme Court, Zelaya issued an order for all government employees to take part in the “Public Opinion Poll to convene a National Constitutional Assembly.” At that moment it seems he immediately sealed his own fate.

According to un-amendable Article 239 of the Honduran Constitution,

“No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform, as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years.”

In addition, Article 42 of the Honduran Constitution clearly states that anybody who encourages or supports the continuity or re-election of the President of Honduras in violation of Article 239 loses their Honduran citizenship.

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The citizens are well aware of Zelaya’s close friendship with those far left whack jobs Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers and one of the concerns Hondurans must have had when he called for the constitutional assembly poll was that he was getting ready to try and alter their Constitution and extend the term of the office of the presidency. Many may recall that soon after taking office in 1999 Chavez did just that in Venezuela and in fact in 2007 he tried to shove through a referendum which would do away with presidential term limits. Fortunately for Venezuelans Chavez didn’t get his way….yet and everybody knows the story of Fidel Castro and his hold on power in Cuba since 1959.

I find it amazing that Obama and his administration wouldn’t touch the obviously fraudulent election in Iran saying they were taking a hands off approach yet jam their collective noses right into the middle of a situation in Honduras where a sovereign and Democratic country’s government and Supreme Court are simply following the rule of law according to their constitution.

From today’s Fox News.com,

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called de factor Honduran leader Roberto Micheletto to warn him about the consequences for his country if it does not permit ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to return to power, the State Department said Monday.

Clinton called Micheletti on Sunday from New Delhi, where she is meeting with Indian officials on climate change.

It is the first call from Clinton since she met with Zelaya in Washington two weeks ago following his removal from power for trying to hold a referendum in defiance of an order by the nation’s Supreme Court. The United States supports Zelaya’s return to office.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley described Clinton’s conversation with Micheletti as “tough,” and said that Clinton warned him the longterm relationship between the U.S. and Honduras could suffer. She explicitly mentioned U.S. aid, Crowley said.

The European Union already has suspended $90 million in aid to Honduras.

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