Hillary Clinton, "Obama Considers Himself A Son Of Africa"

…as do millions of folks here in America, most of Europe and virtually everyone in Africa. He ain’t fooling anyone anymore. I wonder if he needs a passport to visit home? I wonder which country’s passports he traveled on in his younger days? So many questions…so few answers.

Reuters–He wasn’t there but Hillary Clinton leaned heavily on President Barack Obama’s heritage on her seven-nation Africa trip that ends on Friday in Cape Verde.

“The president considers himself a son of Africa,” she said in Liberia’s legislature on Thursday, a phrase she repeated at nearly every stop in an 11-day trip aimed at improving relations with key players on the continent.

In Kenya, where Obama’s father was born, Clinton used his local standing to drive home the anti-corruption, good governance message that the Obama administration has made a pillar of its approach to Africa.

“It is tough, but it is also lovingly presented. President Obama very much wants Kenya to be the leaders of a reform movement,” said Clinton in a town hall meeting with students from the University of Nairobi.

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