Obama rakes in record amount of cash for his presidential campaign.


What a brilliant campaign strategy for Obama. Forgo the restrictive limits of public financing for his presidential campaign in exchange for the ability to raise unlimited amounts of contributions on his own. Now I know there have been scattered reports of millions in funny money rolling into Obama’s coffers, illegally I might add, from foreign lands but the mainstream media has, once again, been quiet as a mouse about it. Imagine that.

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Now a Kansas City Missouri couple brings a new twist into the insane amount of money raised by Obama not to mention another wrinkle to all of the underhanded stuff going on this election cycle from the liberals. Now we have fraudulent credit card contributions.

It seems that Steve and Rachel Larman of North Kansas City, committed John McCain supporters, opened up their Chase credit card statement recently and found an interesting and disturbing $2300 charge had been made without their knowledge. The 2300 bucks was on it’s way to Obama’s bank account but fortunately the Lamars were able to convince Chase that they had no intention of sending any bling to Obama and that the transaction was indeed fraudulent. The bank has reversed the charge on their account.

It seems rather odd that whoever tried to pull this stunt would think it would work especially with that amount of money. Just the fact that they were so brazen is troubling but not surprising especially with the massive amount of voter registration fraud by ACORN being investigated in many “swing states” over the last several weeks, some 14 at last count.

It is interesting that every time we hear about fraud it involves the Democratic party. Why is that? What makes those on the left think it’s alright to do things like this? Oh I forgot, the last two presidential elections were “stolen” from them so it’s OK to do whatever it takes to get back on top right guys?

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