The Obama's White House Christmas Tree Features Communist Chinese Chairman Mao, Transvestite Hedda Lettuce Ornaments

mao_white_house_christmas_tree - Copy

In addition there hangs a special tree decoration plastered with Barack Hussein Obama’s ugly ass mug wedged between some truly great presidents up on historic Mt. Rushmore.

True to form, the Obama’s claim they were completely unaware that these despicable ornaments were displayed upon the Blue Room Christmas tree inside of America’s White House.–Why let a holiday season come between the White House and making some political statements? The White House pegged controversial designer Simon Doonan to oversee the Christmas decorations for the White House. Mr. Doonan, who is creative director of Barney’s New York has often caused a stir with his design choices. Like his naughty yuletide window display of Margaret Thatcher as a dowdy dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist’s dummy. For this year’s White House, he didn’t disappoint.

These photos of ornaments on the White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room were taken just days ago. Of course, Mao has his place in the White House. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an ornament of legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce……

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