Chris Matthews: West Point Was Enemy Camp For Obama Tonight (Updated 12-3-09)

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MSNBC’s basement rated talk show blatherer Chris Matthews is simply aghast at what he perceives to be a rather chilly reception from military cadets at West Point during Barack Hussein Obama’s appearance this evening to announce the deployment of an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Matthews went so far as to suggest Obama had stumbled into an “enemy camp” when Obama’s handlers chose this venue for this particular speech since it seems he was unable to notice any hint of any thrills running up the legs of our future warriors who no doubt have heard Obama’s previous proclamations that our military had been air raiding villages and killing civilians and that victory was not necessarily his goal in Afghanistan.

Or perhaps our boys have seen the latest Gallup polling on Obama’s Afghanistan performance?


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Now that I think of it Chris, Obama made an appearance at the Marine Corp base at Camp Lejeune North Carolina soon after he became commander in chief and as the CNN anchor reluctantly admitted received a rather tepid response from the soldiers back then too. Or, more accurately as you no doubt would have opined at the time, he wandered into another enemy camp.

So how do the troops respond when a real Commander-In-Chief stops by to say hello?

Ahhh the good old days….

Update: Chrissy Matthews grovels and backpedals after getting his ass kicked over calling West Point ‘the enemy camp.”

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