Watch Barack Hussein Obama's Nonchalant Response To Fort Hood Massacre By Muslim Whackjob

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If anyone was a little wobbly over Barack Hussein Obama’s dedication to our armed forces in the past the news conference he gave after the massacre of American citizens and soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas by a crazed muslim should quickly clear up any lingering doubts.

Many have questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve as president and commander in chief long before he was elected. This concern was first raised by the Hillary Clinton for president crowd and has continued to this day. It’s the opinion of millions of Americans these concerns may be well founded.

The reason so many millions of Americans are concerned about this issue can probably best be explained by watching Obama’s reaction to the murder of innocent American servicemen at the hands of Nidal Malik Hasan, a native born citizen who became a muslim convert, who had demonstrated a history of anti American behavior yet, no doubt due to the pervasive political correctness in this country, was allowed to remain in the military.

Observe as Mr. Obama first gives a “shout out” to “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, that Congressional Medal of Honor winner” (Crow was actually a Medal of FREEDOM recipient and Obama should know that, he gave it to him) and babbles on with more lip service to “the first Americans” before eventually getting around to bizarrely addressing the Fort. Hood base murderous attack in a pathetic nonchalant, read-from-the-teleprompter-rather-than-express-from-the-heart manner.

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Fortunately for us stupid Americans we have Mr. Obama to remind us that we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” after Hasan, all the while shouting “Allahu Akbar!,” slaughtered 13 innocent helpless victims and wounding 30 others. I can’t help but wonder what Obama’s response would be if a non muslim American citizen strolled into a mosque during prayer time and wiped out a bunch of innocent unarmed muslims?

Associated Press–President Barack Obama said Friday the entire nation is grieving for those slain at Fort Hood, and he urged people not to jump to conclusions while law enforcement officers investigate the shootings.

Obama met Friday morning with FBI Director Robert Mueller and other federal leaders to get an update on what they’ve learned. Thirteen people were killed and 30 others injured in the shooting rampage at the Texas Army post on Thursday. The suspected shooter is an Army psychiatrist; his motive remains unclear.

“We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,” Obama said in a Rose Garden statement otherwise devoted to the economy.

“What we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the valiant men and women who came under attack yesterday,” the president said….

Naturally when innocent Americans are ruthlessly murdered by a muslim we are supposed to simply suck it up and attribute the brutality to a single nutjob who just lost control. Unfortunately these types of attacks are happening far too frequently to simply blow them off as isolated incidents.

Come to think of it, Americans under fire seems to be a big joke to Mr. Obama as we recall his infamous 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft.

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2 Responses to Watch Barack Hussein Obama's Nonchalant Response To Fort Hood Massacre By Muslim Whackjob

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  2. Deborah says:

    One of the symptoms of NPD (narcissitic personality disorder) is that these people are not capable of feeling empathy for other people. Unless a narcissist believes something will affect them, whether positively or negatively,, they ususally will not respond at all. The problem is that a president of this great nation should represent his people, but that will not be the case with obama. He will most probably, as the months and years go by, be able to put up a reasonable facade that will fool some but not all Americans. For as intelligent as some say he is he is a slow learner, and should be a much better actor than what he demonstrated in this news conference.
    This is a very sad time for America.

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims and families at Fort Hood, and I apologize for this man who is supposedly to be our president.

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