Obama–Chavez The Before And After

Before: (The next time try looking these tin pot dictators directly in the eye Obama especially when they are doing their best to look right through you. When you don’t and keep looking down that is a sign of weakness that every gangbanger on the planet recognizes.)

After…they are suddenly BFF! “S’up homie?!”


So how stomach churning was it to have our president lectured to by the likes of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez or even that Nicaraguan pipsqueak Danny Ortega? For this Barack Obama had to go to Trinidad?

The Summit of the Americas, a Bill Clinton invention in 1994, has turned into a thug-fest, a showcase for the hemisphere’s bullies to express their contempt for their big, bad neighbor to the north. You know, the nation that values such things as human rights and economic freedom.

So instead of being credited with making an impressive overture to Cuba by lifting some travel restrictions, Obama was lectured by Chavez and Ortega on lifting the U.S. embargo.

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