USMC Veteran, "Let Me Assure You There IS A Resistance Within The Military! We Will NOT Disarm The American People During Martial Law"


While a bunch of mind numbed, mouthbreathing, cross eyed loony lefties were busy pledging their undying devotion to their new master, Barack Hussein Obama, a USMC veteran will be offering up a much different tact a little later on in this post.

As the ever increasingly tyrannical federal government machine continues to chew up our country’s Constitution and spit it out with disdain there can be little doubt that the tolerance of the silent majority will, at some point soon, reach the breaking point.

There is little distinction between what Republicans like the Bushes, Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and both houses of Congress have done to assault our rights over the years and I’m telling you people have had it.

These are not the folks that march in the streets. These are not the folks that picket Congressional offices. These are not the folks that draw attention to themselves looking for a TV camera to shout at.

These are the folks that most people are unaware of precisely because they are not the type to make a ruckus. They work hard, they raise their kids to become responsible adults, they pay their taxes and they vote.

These folks are becoming angry as their jobs dissolve due to political malfeasance and political greed. They have seen more and more of their hard earned money taken away via onerous taxes and simply handed over to others who have chosen government dependency over self responsibility. They have seen their votes canceled out by groups like ACORN who go around registering voters out of phone books and the graveyard and judges allowing people to list park benches as their home address. Voter registration and voting fraud is running rampant all over the country and generally seems to consistently favor the Democrat party.

At some point the push back is going to become fierce and the first wave very well could be the ‘tea parties’ we have seen take place all over America.

There is no doubt the backbone of this country is fed up with the politicians, idiotic Obama-bots many of whom can’t even name their Messiah’s vice president let alone two different Cabinet members and of course the victimhood merchants and freeloaders constantly walking around with both hands out. Gimme gimme gimme.

The only remaining question is folks, just when will all hell finally break loose?

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