Viva La Raza All You White People

Democrat Congressman Gene Green’s townhall meeting in Houston TX on Tuesday August 18 turned a little heated when a group of Mexicans got into it with a group of White folks who were outside the building protesting against illegal immigration. Not the Mexican people mind you but anyone who chooses to enter our country illegally. Fortunately the police were there to keep things pretty much under control.

Listen carefully which group hurls the racial taunts, which group uses the ‘N’ word and which group says they are going to take over America and “boot out” the other group.

Hint: It wasn’t the Caucasians.

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2 Responses to Viva La Raza All You White People

  1. warpsix says:

    kick that punks a$$ , those people have the IQ of a slug! fuk those people

  2. Stephen says:

    I linked this video on Facebook and two people that commented are of Mexican decent, although Americans. Either way they were both pissed at these Mexican nationalists pulling this crap in Houston, Texas – U.S.A. after they saw this video.

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