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Utah Teens Cited For "Rapping" Their Order At McDonalds

Taco Bell launched an advertising campaign awhile back featuring a couple of knuckleheads rapping their burrito order into the microphone when suddenly an “employee” answers back with her own little fiddy cent diddy. No harm no foul as far as we know.

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Obama Receiving 30 Death Threats Every Day

Barack Obama, the most heavily guarded politician in American history is said by Ronald Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service, to be receiving upwards of 30 threats against his life on a daily basis which is creating a major headache for those tasked with keeping the man alive and protected from any knuckleheads […]

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Military Readying Plans To Deploy Troops Throughout U.S. When H1N1 Flu Takes Off This Fall

The Department of Defense is putting plans in place to deploy military personnel throughout the country when not if the H1N1 (swine) flu takes off like a bat outta hell come the cooler weather of fall. Understand that the plain ol’ regular flu that sweeps through the U.S. every winter takes the lives of some […]

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Black Female Cambridge Police Officer On Obama–"I Supported Him, I Voted For Him, I Will Not Again"

Well this really had to bite for CNN’s Don Lemon, a guy well known for his rabid and unabashed on air support for Barack Obama, as he went to visit a bunch of Cambridge Massachusetts police officers and ask them how they felt about the charges of racism leveled against Sgt. James Crowley by Obama’s […]

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White Sox Ballgame More Important To Obama Than Murder Of Border Patrol Agent

Never one to miss an opportunity to take some credit for something he had nothing to do with or whine about how Republicans and many Democrats are holding up his massive redistribution of wealth in this country, Obama made sure to call White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle right after he tossed a perfect game last […]

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Obama Says Cambridge Police "Acted Stupidly" In Arresting Harvard University Professor

During Barack Obama’s Wednesday evening press conference that was supposed to be yet another one of his lame attempts to push his government takeover of our healthcare system into the faces of Americans, who are overwhelmingly not interested in the plan since they are happy with theirs, he was asked a final and completely off […]

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Paramedic Who Was Choked By Oklahoma Trooper Wants Officer's Badge Yanked

In a follow up to this posting: Maurice White Jr., the Creek Nation paramedic involved in a May 24 scuffle with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper while a patient waited inside the ambulance, has called for the trooper to lose his badge and his gun. White, with his attorney by his side, said today on […]

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Oklahoma State Trooper's Dash Cam Video Proves He Was In The Wrong

A May 24 2009 altercation between Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers and a paramedic was captured on video with a cell phone owned by the son of the woman being transported to the hospital, and the dash camera of one of the patrol cars. It all started when the state trooper Daniel Martin was responding Code […]

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Whack Job Shoots Guard Inside Holocaust Museum In Washington DC

An 89 year old man entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. early this afternoon and opened fire on a guard, killing him. The shooter, identified as James W. Von Brunn, was seriously wounded when guards immediately returned fire and is now hospitalized. The only people shot were the one guard who died, Stephen T. […]

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72 Year Old Texas Granny Discovers How It Feels To Be Tasered By Police

Don’t mess with Texas……..grandmas! Feisty little 72 year old grandma Kathryn Winkfein readily admits she was really haulin’ the groceries when she was pulled over for speeding through a construction zone. Pretty much everyone who has a few years of driving experience under their belt knows construction zones are a very bad place to exceed […]

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